Lance Crate

Lance Crate (’18 Attack) Commits to Merrimack College

Congratulations to Lance Crate of Proctor Academy on his commitment to DII program Merrimack College!

Why did you choose this college?
Merrimack has great academics and lacrosse, both in a great location. Once I met with Coach Morgan and saw the campus I knew Merrimack was a place I wanted to be.

What other colleges did you consider?
St.Michaels, Belmont Abbey and New York Maritime.

Lacrosse honors
Bluechip 225 All Star, Island Uprising All Star, FLG Legit 120 Attendee

Other (special thanks, etc.)
I have to thank my parents, my trainer, my High School coach Tucker Prudden and my club coach Chris Cameron.

Jordan Lee

Jordan Lee (’17 Attack) Commits to Christopher Newport University

Congratulations to Jordan Lee of Stone Bridge HS on his commitment to DIII program Christopher Newport University!

Why did you choose this college?
Great academic reputation, beautiful campus, small class sizes.

What other colleges did you consider?
High Point and Mt. St. Mary’s.

Academic honors
Member National Honor Society, Social Sciences and Math Honor Societies

Other (special thanks, etc.)
Special thanks to my family, Coach Mitchell (Stone Bridge), and my trainer, Darnerien McCants of Pro Power Performance my athletic trainer since age 11.

Andrew Johson

Andrew Johson (’17 Midfield) Commits to Virginia Wesleyan College

Congratulations to Andrew Johson of Landstown HS on his commitment to DIII program Virginia Wesleyan College!

Why did you choose this college?
Coach Stewart’s Run and Gun Style appealed to me, and the team seemed very close.

What other colleges did you consider?
Guilford, Wingate andRandolph.

Lacrosse honors
1st Team All conference and US Lacrosse All-American Junior Year.

Other (special thanks, etc.)
Thank you to Coach Quezada for pushing me to be a more aggressive and physical player.


Jack Parr

Jack Parr (’17 Attack) Commits to Brown University

Congratulations to Jack Parr of McDonogh School on his commitment to the DI program Brown University!

Why did you choose this college?
Academics, Athletics, Location.

What other colleges did you consider?
Tufts, Cornell and Amherst.

Lacrosse honors
2015 Adrenaline Black Card; ILPreps National Player of the Week – 3/11/2016.

Academic honors
6X Deans List, Charm City Lacrosse

Other (special thanks, etc.)
Thanks to my parents, Coach Hilgartner (McDonogh), Coaches Shilling and McClernan (Crabs), Coaches Santos and O’Keefe (USBoxLA).

DSC_0195 copy

Standouts from National 175 Invitational at RPI

As a company, our team saw a lot of talent this summer. We filmed both exclusive and to put it nicely, less than exclusive events. One thing is definitely true. Watching good lacrosse is better than watching the ball on the ground. At the National 175 Summer Showcase, we got to see 3 days of great lacrosse. Players that created chemistry in short order because they view the game through a shared lens. A game that is more art than science and where the ball should be passed or shot within 3 seconds. Maybe it was the cooler temperatures in upstate New York. Regardless, if this is the future and what we’ll get to watch at the college level, count me in.

Here are a few standouts from the week. But first, an aerial view of the great facilities at RPI.


We will be adding to this list as we view film, including all-star games, from the event.

Team / Name / Pinny / Year / Position


Team 1 Christopher Dorain 734 2017 Goalie

Size. Steps to ball, making himself even bigger in goal. Quick on high low shots on the doorstep (see more of in showcase than college game because defense new to each other), but nonetheless impressive.

Team 1 Jake Cordes 742 2017 Defense

A stone wall (that’s literally what we wrote down from the sidelines). Low center of gravity and quick feet meant attack were unable to spin out of his defensive positions. For entire quarters, his side of the field would be locked down. Great on ball defender.

Team 3 Jonathan Sarubbi 706 2017 Midfield/FO

Pretty sure this guy just loops “All I do is win win win no matter what” because that is exactly what he did. He consistently won the clamp, got leverage and pivoted out for a self release. He didn’t rely on wing players to get the ball, but often possessed it before they arrived. Very fundamental and clean. Our friends at The Faceoff Academy would like this guy.

Team 4 Jared Gelber 687 2017 Midfield

Solid two-way player at Middie. Quick feet and first step. He’s able to do a lot of different things that when added up, make a difference. Whether feeding off a double team or doubling himself, he sees the field and gets the game.

Team 4 Zac Asbury 704 2017 Attack

Solid dodger. Shoots in traffic with torque. Picks his spots well and has a diversity of moves to get to cage. Able to finish with 2-3 defenders on him.

957 [to come]

Fastest player on the field. Like he was using turbo mode that others didn’t have. Very quick feet and able to get low leverage when dodging to cage.

DSC_0255 copy


Team 13 Cameron Logan 756 2018 Goalie

Strong. Able to fill cage and feed clear. Saw some impressive saves.

Team 13 Chase Maitland 829 2018 Midfield

Small, fast Middie. Takes a good line to the goal, doesn’t fade into bad angle shot.

2019 / 2020


Team 22 Joseph Craven 853 2019 Goalie

Great size and first step. Reads the shot well ie stick arrived to placement well ahead of ball. Confident clearing and possession of ball outside the cage.

Team 22 Henry Quaintance 951 2020 Attack

Comfort around the crease. Great back door cuts and positioning. Somehow always open so reading ball movement well. Able to create havoc from behind the cage.

Team 24 Matthew Verlotte 896 2019 Defense

Very athletic, coast to coast defender. Played good off ball positioning but was a real factor in clearing, able to out run and out dodge riding attackmen.

Team 24 Maxwell Tetreault 910 2019 Midfield/FO

Wins pretty much every faceoff with a fast clamp and low leverage. Great body positioning to free the ball to himself and gets his head up on the fast break.

Honorable Mentions

Team 1 Nicholas Nelson 726 2017 Midfield – Impressive field vision. Head up when dodging. Great feeder to crease.

Team 3 Christopher Fiorello 653 2017 Attack – Nice shot from distance. Good placement.

Team 3 Jake Boston 683 2017 Midfield – Strong power and torque when shooting on the run.

621 [to come] – Canadian style attack whose big and able to use body well to get leverage on defenders. He dropped his stick and didn’t always double team coming.

Team 4 Vaughn Wahlberg 710 2017 Midfield – Good speed. Ball placement on shot.

Team 22 Henry Zahn 883 2019 Attack – Good off ball movement.

Team 22 Dawson Jesmer 872 2019 Midfield – Scoring midfielder with diversity of dodges.

Team 23 John Panda 915 2019 Midfield – Nice left right split dodge. With hesitation, hard to defend.

All Star Game Rosters

Nat 175 All Star Game Rosters 7 26 16

Davis Sampere

Davis Sampere (’16 Faceoff) Commits to High Point University

Congratulations to Davis Sampere of Leesville Road High on his commitment to the DI program High Point University!

Why did you choose this college?
I decided on High Point University because I thought it was the best opportunity for me, due to the fact that it has everything that I wanted in a college.  Small classes, great professors and an amazing campus plus it is close to home so my family can come.  The lacrosse team with its coaching staff has so much potential and is getting better and better each year.

What other colleges did you consider?
Mercer, Furman and Salisbury.

Lacrosse honors
4x First Team All-Conference
1x Conference Player of the Year
1st Team All-State
1st Team All-Region
2x N&O All-Metro
US All-American

Academic honors
A,B honor roll all 4 years

Other (special thanks, etc.)
I want to thank my family, coaches, and teammates for supporting me through this process I couldn’t have done it without all of you.


Cam Fiore (’18 Goalie) Commits to Brown

When I got back home from High Point this spring my brother had been hired as the Seton Hall Prep JV coach so I decided to help out at a couple practices and games. “Help out” was my excuse to shoot on this kid every day until my back gave out.

Having a solid senior goalie in net for the Pirates, (Colin Kirst, Lehigh ’20) who had been the starter for three years, Fiore had to spend his spring season getting reps for the JV squad. The first time I met him I was warming him up for a game and as it started getting closer to face-off I decided to start putting some heat on it, but Fiore stood tall and yelled, “Hey Coach, you can speed it up a little ya know!”



His competitive nature is one of a kind and his work ethic off the field is CRAZY. He is ranked #1 in his class and it truly translates onto the field. He is a smart, confident, athletic goalie who has shooters banging their sticks on the ground over frustration. He added this in an interview about his recruitment process:

“I was always looking to set myself up to go a high-academic school. With that goal in mind, I forced myself to keep my grades high and I made sure to work on my game. Sometimes, that means other things have to take a backseat. When I’m doing seven hours of homework or I have to go to practice, that sometimes means I can’t go to a party or hang out with friends.”

I knew eventually someone would snag this kid and I’m glad it was the Final Four contending Brown Bears. Now I get to shoot on a Brown goalie during school breaks. Congrats Cam.



West Coast Best Coast

Back in 2013, I attended an Adrenaline showcase in San Diego, CA working as a scorekeeper and it was the first time I experienced the raw offensive talent of West Coast players. Behind the backs, ankle-breaking split dodges, and low to high shots are the arsenal of these dangerous athletes.

Since that tournament I have watched every Adrenaline All-American game and it never seems to disappoint. HERE are the highlights of this year’s matchup of the best players West of the Mississippi:

Not only was it a great showing of exciting lacrosse, but the players also got to debut the first look at Epoch’s new line of protective equipment, Integra. CLICK ‘CONTINUE READING’ FOR PHOTOS.

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Recruiting Insight with NECC Coach of the Year Otero


Thomas Otero just finished his second season as Head Coach of Southern Vermont. He has led the team to two tournament appearances in as many years of the team’s existence. Coach Otero was named NECC Coach of the Year and he also coached the NECC Player of the Year this year. Coach Otero has been coaching for forty years and worked as an educator for thirty.

1. What advice do you have for players interested in DIII schools?

You have to pick a school that you want to go to for your educational choices first and then your athletic choices second. You have to research the schools that you want while gaining the most information possible by talking to current students at those universities.

2. What is the best way for players to get on your recruiting radar?

We’re a small school and mostly regional in the northeast area. We also get some people from Florida and California as well because of the lack of small, DIII schools in those areas. Personal emails also do a lot because it shows true interest. Filling out the recruit me questionnaire continues to show interest and phone calls are great as well.

3. What type of players do you primarily look for, a raw athlete or refined lacrosse player?

I want the athlete who is dedicated, has great work ethic, and will push themselves to be a good student, a good person, and a good lacrosse player. Sometimes that person is the raw athlete and sometimes it’s the seasoned athlete that I can teach new things in order for them to become a better athlete.

4. What areas of player development would you recommend players focus on to elevate their game?

Number one—STICK SKILLS!! Wall ball is the best. If you can do 15 minutes of wall ball everyday then your stick skills will dramatically increase. You must be ambidextrous at the collegiate level to bring your game to the next level. The game of lacrosse is highly technical and stick skills are at the center of that.

5. How has the accelerated recruiting landscape impacted your approach to recruiting?

Being a small school, sometimes we get pushed out into the fringe. There’s a lot of push right now to modify the recruiting profile and I think that is most likely on the horizon.

6. Are there any last pieces of advice for players and families you’d like to share?

This is a big decision for the athlete. Go and see the schools! Experience them! Look at class size and location. They need to ask themselves, “Are they going to be happy here if they don’t have lacrosse in their life?” And if the answer to that question is yes, then that school most likely is a great fit. It should not be a snap decision, it should be timely with a lot of thought process.

ConnectLAX is a third party recruiting service and not affiliated with or endorsed by Thomas Otero or Southern Vermont College.


Hampton Pirates Find Gold in 1st Recruiting Class

When someone mentions Hampton University and sports never has lacrosse been a topic of conversation. Historically, Hampton has always been a basketball power house.However, that all might change soon for coach Lloyd Carter and his Pirates after taking a look at their first official recruiting class.

After looking through a few of the highlight tapes one word comes to mind when describing all of these players…ATHLETE. Not only can these guys  run like the wind, throw kids down to the floor, and switch directions before you see it coming. They also have a knack for putting the ball in the net with STYLE.

Right off the bat the Pirates grabbed two D1 transfers from St.John’s, Malcolm Flynn and Andrew Gray. They also snagged a JuCo transfer from ASA College, Kier Johnson, who has one of the most legit commitment videos I’ve ever seen.

The Pirates have also recruited two phenomenal goalies, Josh Tarver (Centerville HS,) and Kevin Mondy Jr. (Hillcrest HS), both with lightning quick hands.

As well as attackmen John Tarver (Centerville HS) and Preston Randolph (Episcopal HS, Va) who can virtually score from anywhere.