How To Study Smarter, Part 1


We’ve all been there…You have a paper due the next day, and you’re not even close to being done. You’ve tried to work on this past week, but no progress has been made. Well, read ahead to learn why you might be working longer than you should.

Whatever happens on game-day is usually a result of how practice went the week prior. Getting school work done is very similar to lacrosse practice in this sense. In lacrosse, if you don’t rehearse your new offensive strategy enough, then the play will not flow. The hidden ball trick will fail, the other team will grab the GB and fast break all the way down the field and score. So, if you don’t put in the school work during the week, you’re going to be flustered when test time comes. I used to rely heavily on my short term memory before tests, and sometimes it worked, but most times it didn’t. The knowledge should be second nature. Here are some tips that have helped me:

  1. Plan ahead

Take 10 minutes on Monday to think of what you have going on this week. Block out a time, typically before or after dinner, where you can crank out some work.

  1. Focus your environment

Clean your room! When my surroundings are neat, I’m going to feel cleaner, more organized, and ready to business. If your room is a pig stye and this pointer is hopeless. At the very least clean off your workspace. Hang up the remotes for TV and Xbox.

  1. Face your phone towards you

A lot of times I find myself checking my phone as if I have not felt the vibration from a text only to be let down when I have no notifications :(. So for now on, I actually keep my phone facing me, so I know I wont ever miss anything coming my way. As sad as it is, our phones are part of us. I need my phone to hit up my classmates if I forgot something my professor said in class. I believe kids are the same way. But make sure your phone is only being used as a tool not as a piece of entertainment.

These are simple suggestions that I have found work for me due to trial and error. You have to find out what works for you. It might be hard to convince parents that you need to have the TV on while you work, but I’ve seen it prove successful. Since their the law-makers at the end of the day, you’re going to have to compromise with them.

Let us know what you come up with. Do you have any tips for other student-athletes?

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