Recruiting Insight from Michael Fahey of Concordia University – Wisconsin


When making that ultimate decision about where your going to spend the next four years of your life take all factors into consideration. We spoke with Concordia University of Wisconsin Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Michael Fahey about the importance of picking the right school and finding the right fit. Be upfront and honest with yourself about your academic and athletic abilities and pick a school that can fulfill both of these needs.

Michael Fahey was promoted to Concordia University Wisconsin’s Men’s Lacrosse head coach by Director of Athletics Dr. Rob Barnhill on May 5, 2014 after a season as the program’s interim head coach in which they won a program-record 14 games.

During Fahey’s two years as a graduate assistant the Falcons went 18-14, posting 9-7 records in both seasons. In his first year (2012), CUW advanced to the MLC Tournament after posting a 5-4 record in conference play. He will take over for Jeff Roberts, who stepped down in August after three seasons of leading the Falcons to take an assistant position with Marquette University.

What advice do you have for players interested in playing DIII lacrosse?

Some advice “pick the school for the school”, academics is a huge part of your college choice, especially at the DIII level. Make sure that the school you choose is where you want to be for four years and that it can help you reach your future goals.  I like multi-sport athletes as well, you don’t have to play lacrosse year round on every travel team and attend every single tournament possible.

What’s the best way to get on your recruiting radar? Any things recruits shouldn’t do?

Be up front with the coach/school that you are interested in.  Don’t “string” along a coach if you are not interested.  Coaches like more personalized emails expressing interest.  Get out to campus visits if possible and do your research on the school.

What’s a question you wished recruits asked you more during the recruiting process? 

Any question!  Sometimes recruits don’t ask anything and their parents ask everything.  I like when the recruit is asking the question as it shows sincere interest.   I like the question- “What steps are you making to improve your program? As well as “Where do I fit within your program?”

What are a few indicators that help you determine whether a good high school player will become a great college player?

First and foremost- academics.  If a student-athlete can’t succeed in the classroom then they can’t help you out on the field.  We like athletes, big, fast, and strong.  We can teach someone to be a better lacrosse player, but it is tougher to teach someone to be bigger, faster, and stronger.   We want student-athletes who will work hard in the classroom, in the weight room, and on the field.   Stick skills are very important and crucial for the transition from high school to the college game.

What’s special about being a student-athlete at Concordia University Wisconsin?

Concordia University Wisconsin or CUW for short is a very special place located 15 minutes north of Milwaukee, WI on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.  With smaller class sizes, amazing athletic facilities and outstanding institutional support it makes our university very special.  The student-athletes on campus all come from across North America which makes for an interesting dynamic.  CUW puts student-athletes in a great position to not only compete for conference championships on the field but also to succeed in the classroom and prepare for their future career.

How has the accelerated recruiting process impacted your approach to recruiting? 

Recruits are beginning the process earlier and earlier, which has impacted Division I the most.   It does trickle down to our level as recruits are visiting earlier and contacting us in their junior and even sophomore years in high school, which can be a good thing.  We find our recruits by attending tournaments, showcases, and by talking with high school/club coaches.

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