Recruiting Tips from Instructor Rachel Romanowsky


Rachel was a four year started for her college team. She has been named co-captain, All-American, NESCAC Player of the Year, as well as led her team in assists and goals. Rachel has recovered from surgery and knows what it takes to make it big. She has stayed focused and dedicated in order to achieve her goals throughout the years. She continues to work with kids who are looking to make it to the next level in their lacrosse career. See what Rachel has to say about her recruiting experience.

Where did you play college lacrosse and why did you choose that program?
I played at Trinity College in Connecticut. I wanted to be on a team where I could make a difference and that I thought had a chance of winning a National Championship.

What other colleges did you consider and what was the determining factor in your decision?
University of Denver and Cal Berkeley were the top two contenders… obviously leaving me with very very different choices! I remember my parents asking me that if I got injured and could no longer play lacrosse where I would want to be… While I loved the idea of being in California or Colorado, I knew I would be a bit lost on campus. Trinity seemed like the perfect size.

Did you have any positive or negative surprises about the program once you were on campus?
Trinity is a NESCAC which means that while captain’s practices can be held in the fall, nothing really gets officially going until February. Adjusting to college life my first semester was definitely difficult, but as soon as the lacrosse season got going, I completely fell in love with the program and how things are run.

How did being a collegiate student-athlete shape your college experience?
Being a collegiate student-athlete made my college experience. Apart from teaching me serious time management skills, I honestly believe that being a collegiate athlete made me a stronger student. I imagine this will make me sound like a byte from the ‘lacrosse alum’ record but it made me so much more competitive in the classroom… wanting to be the best!

Given your recruiting experience, what advice or tips do you have for current recruits?
Be yourself – do what you want to do – don’t feel pressured into going to play division I lacrosse! It wasn’t until my post-graduate year that I actually considered going to a DIII school. I’m an unreasonably competitive person and wanted to play for the best team in the country… to be given that sense of pride by being recruited by the best teams in the country… it wasn’t until I stepped back from the madhouse that are recruiting tournaments, and the times spent traveling to games and camps with my club lacrosse team, that I realized what I actually want out of a college experience.


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