Recruiting Tips from Instructor Cody LeFevre


Ever since he picked up my first lacrosse stick in 8th grade Cody became a student of the game and has not stopped learning since. After getting cut his first year from his middle school team, he started on varsity at his high school just two years later going on to help his team to the best years in the program’s history and first team all state honors. Since then Cody has played college lacrosse at the D3 level where he am a three year starter and has stepped up his efforts and passion for the sport. Check out what Cody has to say about his recruiting story.

Where did you play college lacrosse and why did you choose that program?
I am a current senior at Ursinus college. I chose the program because of the experienced and intense coaching staff, an upcoming quality lacrosse program, and a great liberal arts education.

What other colleges did you consider and what was the determining factor in your decision?
I considered a ton of schools through the process including Lehigh, Gettysburg, Brown and many more but I decided on Ursinus because I wanted to go somewhere I thought I could start as a freshman and I really liked the vibe of the coaching staff and school.

Did you have any positive or negative surprises about the program once you were on campus?
The first positive experience I had on campus was witnessing our captain, a then 2 time All American, at our first team meeting. He conveyed the serious and dedicated culture of our program in a way that really captured me. This seriousness and commitment to our program and its culture was and still is seen today at Ursinus. As the lacrosse and fitness obsessed person I am I love the culture that was expressed in that first meeting and at Ursinus.

How did being a collegiate student-athlete shape your college experience?
As a student athlete you are getting yourself into a completely different lifestyle. Time management is an essential skill and freshman learn that quickly.

Given your recruiting experience, what advice or tips do you have for current recruits?
In terms of advice for recruits, I would suggest two things. One, deconstruct and assess your game to find the things you need to work on the most and attack it with a passion. Two, a great attitude on the field will put you a step ahead of those with similar skills and athleticism. If you are communicating well with your teammates, refs, and opponents a good coach will spot that and appreciate it. That is also the type of coach you want to play for.


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