Recruiting Advice from Instructor Sam Talkow


Sam continues to be dedicated and work his hardest at improving his strengths and weaknesses, on and off the field. He has had the opportunity to play for team Israel in the 2014 World Championships and also works individually with players by personalizing his sessions towards the needs of the athlete. Check out what he has to say about his recruiting experience.

Where do you play college lacrosse and why did you choose that program?
Boston University. I chose BU because academically it has a great undergraduate business school as well as a new d1 program in which I saw a great opportunity help build and become a part of.

What other colleges did you consider and what was the determining factor in your decision?
I considered Tufts, Air Force, and Duke. I really liked that BU was in a major city (Boston) as well as the undergraduate business school, on top of that with the opportunity to be part of the inaugural class it was hard to pass the opportunity.

Did you have any positive or negative surprises about the program once you were on campus?
The team cohesion and respect between one another was amazing. I went into it thinking that mostly freshman the experience and respect of one another would be somewhat lacking but it did not we had a great group of guys this year.

How did being a collegiate student-athlete shape your college experience?
It’s definitely a lot more work than just going to school, you do have to sacrifice much of your social life, but it also brings a tremendous bonus that is the friends and experiences that not many people have.

Given your recruiting experience, what advice or tips do you have for current recruits?
My advice would be to just have fun with it; the more you stress and worry the more it will show in your game, if you just go out there every time. Play your hardest and have fun… good things will come.


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