DIII Recruiting with Nat St. Laurent of Ohio Northern


We spoke with head coach Nat St. Laurent of Ohio Northern, who affirmed that college is a 40 year, not a 4 year decision and to consider job placement rates alongside athletic facilities.

It is important to impress coaches with your abilities and your character. Coaches want to hear what your coaches, teachers and counselors have to say before inviting you into their locker room. As a player, this is a good thing as it means your teammates will be the kind of guys you’re proud to play alongside.

If you were a recruit right now, how would you approach the DIII recruiting scene?

I would take an honest and realistic approach to recruiting. Find a school that offers what I am looking to major in while in college. I would also try to make sure that school offers a few other majors I am interested just in case I change my mind. I also would look at the school academic reputation and placement rates. Playing lacrosse is great but you get 4 years. Your degree lasts a lifetime. I would also take a look at the overall success of the athletic department and be sure I take a long look at the facilities and the support the lacrosse program receives from the school. Finally, I would have to consider the cost of the education and the amount of possible academic merit money I would receive to help finance my education.

What’s the best way for players to get on your recruiting radar?

The best way recruits can get on our radar is to contact us and let us know they are interested. Be sure to have SAT and ACT scores, if they have been taken, and include their GPA. If they have game or a highlight film please include the link the email as well. Finally, they should email us their High School Coach and Travel/Club Coach (if they have one) contact information. We spend a lot of time talking with coaches and teachers that know the student-athlete. We like to make sure we are getting the high character person as well as the good lacrosse player.

What’s a question you wished recruits asked you more during the recruiting process?

How we monitor academic progress and balance academics with lacrosse our obligations.

What indications help you determine if a good high school player will be a great college player?

How hard they play when we watch them and if their coaches state that they are coachable. Having a tremendous work ethic and being motivated are key elements for student-athletes to have in order to be successful on and off the field.

What’s special about being a student-athlete at Ohio Northern?

Our student-athletes receive a Top 50 education in the country and get to play and practice in some of the best facilities in the all of college lacrosse regardless of level. It is a great balance of athletics and academics. We also have an outstanding job placement percentage academically and our athletic programs compete at a national level.


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