The MVP for the First Half of 2015 Is….


The first half of the 2015 MLL season is in the books and like every sport at the halfway mark, it’s time to check in on the MVP race.

No I don’t think it’s Paul Rabil or Rob Pannell, the two-headed monster dominating for New York.  It isn’t the two year phenom Jordan Wolf out of Duke University who is tops in the league in points.  Instead, my pick is the man who starts it all for the Lizards, Greg Gurenlian, the Penn State alum.  Before you write me off for picking a guy who has a grand total of 0 points on the season and is a face-off specialist, listen to what he’s doing.

In Gurenlian’s 2014 season when he won the inaugural FOGO of the year, he finished with a 61% win percentage, winning 201-329 face-offs and led the league with 101 ground balls throughout the season.  In 2015 in just HALF the year he already has 105 ground balls and has gone 160-204 on face-offs, which translates to a 78% win percentage.  So in half of the amount of games he has 4 more ground balls than he did all of last year, a 17% higher percentage than the league record last year and is on pace to have 119 more face-off wins. Also, in 2nd place for amount of ground balls on the 2015 season is Brendan Fowler…with 57.  Gurenlian leads the 2nd best ground ball hunter in the league by 48!

Gurenlian is on pace to shatter personal records this season by a mile and could also set historic face-off numbers.  It’s very clear that Gurenlian is giving the Lizards an incredible amount of possessions, helping both sides of the ball to the best record in the MLL.  It’s unlikely for a face-off guy to win MVP, but goals and assists aren’t everything that make up a team…the Beast needs to start earning the respect he deserves.



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