Players That Could Join Paul Rabil as the Face of Lacrosse

Even if you are not too familiar with lacrosse, you may have heard the name Paul Rabil.  Rabil has had tremendous success on and off the lacrosse field.  He has won NCAA Championships, MLL titles, and boasts a 112mph shot.  These traits, combined with smart business decision and a desire to grow the game, have made Rabil into lacrosse’s first millionaire and also the face of the sport.  However, a growing sport needs more than one marquee player.  Here are several candidates that could join Rabil as the face of lacrosse.

1. Kyle Harrison – A former teammate of Paul Rabil at Johns Hopkins and a current player for the Ohio Machine, Harrison has taken advantage of the MLL’s transition to more of an open market.  Endorsement deals with STX, Adrenaline Lacrosse, and Tomahawk Shades have helped Harrison establish himself.  Harrison also boasts a Twitter following that even Paul Rabil calls impressive (22.5k).

2. Rob Pannell – RP3 is only a few years into his MLL career but has already made a huge impact.  A teammate of Rabil’s in New York, Pannell has racked up deals with Brine and Wheaties.  Pannell also shares Rabil’s desire to grow the sport of lacrosse as well as his own personal brand.

3. Lyle Thompson – Fresh off his record setting college career at UAlbany, Thompson comes into the MLL at an opportune time.  His mind boggling skill and craftiness have earned him many fans, so it seems only fair to assume that sponsors will soon be on their way to endorse the Native American talent.

4. Myles Jones – Jones still has one more year to go at Duke University, but, he has already proved himself to be on of the best.  An absolute physical beast at 6-foot-4, 240 pounds, Jones has earned comparisons to the legendary Jim Brown.  Combine skill with charisma and Jones makes a strong case for being the face of lacrosse.

5. Taylor Cummings – Although there is no professional women’s lacrosse league, Cummings has a desire to stay involved with the sport after school.  The Maryland standout already has major name recognition throughout the sport and the possibility of becoming the first three-time Tewaaraton winner in the sports history certainly helps her cause.


As previously stated, a growing sport like lacrosse needs more than one person to spread the game.  Paul Rabil has paved the way for young, talented and business saavy lacrosse players to make a name for themselves in this league.  It’s time for someone else to join lacrosse’s million dollar man as an ambassador for lacrosse.

Who do you think would be a great face of the game?  Comment your suggestions below and follow @ConnectLAX for more lacrosse news.

Matt Nardino was born in Dayton, Ohio where he spent two years of his life before moving to Madison, Connecticut. His parents, graduates of Johns Hopkins University, introduced him to the sport of lacrosse at an early age. During his youth, he played lacrosse in the spring and soccer in the fall. He alternated between these two sports until his freshmen year of high school, when he chose to focus mainly on soccer. However, his love for the game of lacrosse has never faded. Matt is pursuing a marketing major at Hofstra University and hopes to work for a creative, brand solutions agency based in New York City. In his free time, Matt enjoys watching sports, working out so he can eat more food, and spending time with his family, girlfriend, and friends.

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