Rumors DII Dowling Will Close Doors

Many of you might remember when underdog Dowling College walked into Gilllete Stadium in 2012 and upset Limestone 11-10. Ever since then the team has struggled to make another appearance, and now the college is struggling to keep it’s doors open.

According to an AP story the institution is apparently over $54 million in debt, and enrollment has dropped 50 percent since 2009. The AP also reports that “President Albert Inserra says in a statement that the school will cease operations on Friday.” So far, there is no evidence on Dowling’s website that indicates that the school is officially closing, but they have announced that both Summer sessions are cancelled.

This comes at an unfortunate time as well for the Dowling Women’s lacrosse team as they advanced to the second round of the tournament this year.

What would you do if your school closed its doors? Comment Below. 

Ryan Dance's love for lacrosse began in Tampa, Florida at the age of 9. He traveled the country playing for the Tampa Bay Fire, Team Florida, and then IMG Academy. After graduating from IMG he played for the Ithaca College Bombers. After one season he was sidelined for good by a series of injuries, however, he is still able to pursue his passion of lacrosse through film.

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