5 Ways to Improve Your Game Over the Summer


After the spring season ends, players tend to leave their training up to their club coaches. Not only is summer lacrosse poisoning the lacrosse IQ of young players but also their work ethic. Summer is the time to train and prove to your school coaches that you are ready to take that starting spot next spring. So here are 5 ways you can DRASTICALLY improve your game over the summer.

  1. Never shoot alone! Practicing your shot is one of the, if not, most important aspect of the game. Start a group chat with some guys on your team. More details can be found here. Running around and practicing multiple shots off of feeds helps you with muscle memory and goal awareness when it comes to game time. Also try and find a goalie, they can help you the most on how to hide your shoulders and explode towards the net.
  2. Find a Wall! I can name at least four places that I know have giant concrete walls… THEY’RE EVERYWHERE. They are really meant for tennis players, but make for a perfect place for lacrosse players! 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week is all it takes to take your stick skills to the NEXT level. 50 righty/lefty, 50 righty/lefty on the move, 50 switching hands, and if you’re not too lazy, 25 behind the back.
  3. Lifting. For some players (much like myself) this could be the difference between riding the bench junior year to being a key starter your senior year. Lifting 3 times a week is the EASIEST routine to get into. Focusing on core strength exercises, shoulders, and back can greatly improve your; shot speed, first push on defense, and overall physical dominance. And don’t forget about LEG DAY!
  4. RUNNING! This is another off-season necessity that can easily be turned into a weekly routine, especially if you can find a buddy to run with. Running a mile or two keeps you in shape, sure, but it’s the uphill sprints and footwork drills that will WOW you next time you step on the lacrosse field.
  5. NEVER let your stick get dusty. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t stay away from my stick. There are sticks all around the house that I can just pick up and fiddle around with. Having a stick in your hand and getting comfortable with it is very important. Just having it in your hand will make you want to have a catch or go shoot. As long as you don’t break anything in the house, this will have you thinking about practicing ALOT more.

COMMENT BELOW with other tips that I may have missed, otherwise get off the couch and get to a field!


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