A Letter to Recruits


After attending Big 4 HHH this weekend, I realized a lot of things I did wrong while playing at summer tournaments. Knowing that dozens of coaches are watching your game should run through the back of your mind every time you get back on the sidelines. This is your opportunity to get your name known and talked about among the college coach inner circle and giving 110% while out on the field will really catch a coach’s eye whether you’re scoring goals or not.

I saw a lot of things that would make a college coach pack up his chair and walk to the next field, and to help you all out I am going to list everything that you should NOT do while playing in front of college coaches:

  • Walking back on defense
  • Slamming your stick on the ground
  • Watching teammates fight for ground balls
  • Lackadaisical efforts to get open
  • Ball watching
  • Talking back to your coach
  • Talking back to the ref
  • Cursing
  • Frustration penalties
  • Starting fights
  • Late checks/hits

Most of these are common sense, but some just get lost during the heat of the moment and can let frustration take over. Others will not realize they are playing like just another face in the crowd. Playing in front of college coaches for recruits should be like playing in the NFL combine as a prospect, it’s all or nothing. Leave everything you have out on the field for them to judge, and by showing your true fight and passion for the game the coach’s will come.


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