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The very best players of the class of 2019 have been invited to train with the nations top coaches, compete against elite players, and showcase their talent in front of NCAA coaches at Under Armour’s Headquarters in Baltimore. Players were selected based on recommendations from NCAA and club coaches for the event that took place June 27-29, 2016.

As if the event wasn’t already stacked with outstanding players, here are a few STANDOUT players from the class of 2019.

Jordan Anderson, M, Australia, Lakers Select (MN), Prior Lake High School

Jordan is strong and powerful player who is very fun to watch. Her great stick skills make her good on the draw. She is able to win it down the line easily and get it to herself, which is very dangerous, especially in girl’s lacrosse. If you win the draw it becomes make it take it.

Olivia Dirks, M, USA, Phantastix, Episcopal Academy

Olivia is newer to lacrosse than others being a big soccer player, but that does not stop her from standing out on the lacrosse field. She is super fast and awesome on the draw. Her speed and natural athleticism makes her dangerous in the midfield with the ability to create a lot of fast breaks.

Emily Wills, A, USA, Ultimate, Mt. St. Joseph’s

Emily is a strong left attacker and is very quick inside the 8. She is fun to watch because she is strong with her dodges but also very soft with finesse inside when there’s pressure on her so she’s able to put away a lot of shots when she gets double-teamed. Emily also plays behind the net. Being fast and powerful allows her to trick people out behind there.


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