West Coast Best Coast


Back in 2013, I attended an Adrenaline showcase in San Diego, CA working as a scorekeeper and it was the first time I experienced the raw offensive talent of West Coast players. Behind the backs, ankle-breaking split dodges, and low to high shots are the arsenal of these dangerous athletes.

Since that tournament I have watched every Adrenaline All-American game and it never seems to disappoint. HERE are the highlights of this year’s matchup of the best players West of the Mississippi:

Not only was it a great showing of exciting lacrosse, but the players also got to debut the first look at Epoch’s new line of protective equipment, Integra. CLICK ‘CONTINUE READING’ FOR PHOTOS.

Two Michigan products greatly impressed in the game; Christian Ford, M, Bishops School and Matt Trowbridge, G, MICDS. Ford was awarded MVP after his aggressive hat-trick performance. Running and gunning down the alley, with of course an ABSOLUTE CANNON in his back pocket.


Another interesting prospect in this game was Nick Wendel from Faith Lutheran in Nevada who is committed to play at Cleveland State next year. The dynamic midfielder will look to play a big role in the construction of this new program under Dylan Sheridan. Wendel finished the game with two goals.

The greatest part about the growth of lacrosse is the different style and culture that has birthed with the influence of LXM pro and Adrenaline in the West Coast. I think the future of College lacrosse will soon be comprised of these West Coast stars.



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