ReLax Making a Difference in Lacrosse

Since 2012 ReLax has made amazing contributes to the game of lacrosse and provide high schools across the nation with the equipment they need. Such schools consist of RKA-Bronx High School, PA Men of Excellence Youth Lacrosse, and local student athletes. Relax has made great strides over the years in providing equipment for schools in need and they have collected over $150,000 in either new or used equipment that has been donated to young athletes in five different countries. Not only does ReLax reach out to these schools but they also cover the shipping expenses. ReLax mission is simple they want to encourage the success of the athletes on the field and in the classrooms. Athletics change the entire atmosphere of a school by developing athlete’s sense of persistence, time management, and success rate. Without the help of sports student can tend to drop out and fall into poverty. The graduation rate for athletes is 98% which is 10% higher than non-student athletes. In New Jersey One high school out of ten of the worst graduation rates play lacrosse.  Also the ten high schools in New Jersey with the best graduation rate play lacrosse. These numbers speak volume and the importance can make a tremendous difference for students. ReLax is supported by Dicks Sporting Goods, LaxGear, and Vineyard Vines. If you would like to contribute to ReLax’s mission you can find all the information at

Dakota Netz, a sports enthusiast from Broadway, Virginia, played football in high school which is where he learned his passion for sports as a whole. Dakota is very passionate about football and is eager to learn more about the lacrosse industry and the sport itself. Now as a senior Sports and Recreation Management major at James Madison University, Dakota is seeking a career within sport communication. Dakota’s favorite memory was being able to see James Madison University’s football team win the FCS National Championship during his senior year.

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