Chase LaDrido’s Makes Final Decision

Chase LaDrido is 14 years old and has already made a commitment of where he wants to play lacrosse after high school. Chase decided to go with Johns Hopkins and Chase became the first west coast player of the 2020 class to commit to a Division 1 men’s lacrosse. Chase’s biggest reason for committing so soon was because of the agony of a high school recruiting process. Anyone who has been recruited out of high school knows this process all to well. The numerous phone calls, the constant promises, and the why our program is better. This can take a lot out of a high school student when they are trying to focus on grades and also improving their game for the next level. The NCAA are working elegantly on passing rule that would ban college coaches communicating with student athletes until their junior year and this could happen as soon as April. Chase’s parents are happy with his decision and think it will make it easier on Chase. They believe that not worrying about applying and making college visits will allow their son to dedicate more time improving in class and on the field.

Dakota Netz, a sports enthusiast from Broadway, Virginia, played football in high school which is where he learned his passion for sports as a whole. Dakota is very passionate about football and is eager to learn more about the lacrosse industry and the sport itself. Now as a senior Sports and Recreation Management major at James Madison University, Dakota is seeking a career within sport communication. Dakota’s favorite memory was being able to see James Madison University’s football team win the FCS National Championship during his senior year.

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