Using the Way of the Dragon in Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Lacrosse


Bruce Lee is truly an embodiment of skill, hard work, and passion. He’s defined by more than just his lean yet muscular figure, but also of his overall persona as a dedicated person whose vision and mentality transcended generations. Aside from being a bona fide renaissance man, Bruce Lee brought to light a specific type of training method that can still be applied by athletes like lacrosse players.

His Training Methods and Application

The wise man that he is, Bruce Lee grouped his workout regimen based on similarities in movement and purpose. For one, he trained strength and conditioning at specific times of the week, and practiced Jeet Kune Do on the other days. In a way, it keeps things simple and efficient – staying to true to his martial art’s philosophy. Apart from these, Bruce Lee also understood the importance of proper weight training exercises. Though it’s rather frowned upon these days, he saw a function in a basic lift like bicep and reverse curls.

Another fundamental aspect in Bruce Lee’s training is cardio. In lacrosse, players normally run up and down the field at a fast pace, which means that improving in this area can result in better movement and – probably – more goals. He used to run outdoors, covering four miles thrice a week. During a typical day, Bruce Lee would do the Fartlek training method of mixing short burst sprints with regular pace strides. It’s more popularly known today as ‘High Intensity Interval Training’.


His Martial Arts’ Mentality and Influence

Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s martial art principle, is a form of hybrid fighting style that takes advantage of simple practices and enhances them into effective techniques. One line in his 1973 movie ‘Enter the Dragon’ describes it best: “You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.” This belief even goes way past the world of martial arts into the awareness of modern pop culture.

Fitness trends like CrossFit and mixed martial arts organizations such as the UFC somewhat mirror Bruce Lee’s mentality and style. His story is also used in video games namely ‘Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story’ on the Super NES and ‘Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon’ on Xbox. Furthermore, Spin Genie has an online slot machine variant aptly named Bruce Lee and one of Tekken’s most famous fighters Marshall Law represent his likeness. Altogether, these manifestations are just mere testaments of his status as a global fitness icon.

It’s safe to say that Bruce Lee’s values in martial arts and life in general were way ahead of his time. What’s even more amazing is that up to this day, his portrait is still used in almost all modern technologies from console and online video games to strength and conditioning exercises for lacrosse and other sports. In the end, however, these only take up a small portion of the reasons why Bruce Lee is – and will always be – a true legend.

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