UVA Finds Their Man

When Dom Starsia was let go by the University of Virginia this year the lacrosse world was left scratching it’s head. This man had led his team to 13 NCAA appearances and won 4 national titles!

Who could possibly follow in Starsia’s shoes and repeat his 24 years at UVA? Well, why not try taking another coach from Brown and see what he can do?

This is exactly what UVA has done. On June 21, 2016 the University of Virginia announced that Lars Tiffany, the now ex-head coach of Brown, will being taking over for Starsia.

This may come as a shock to many because of the success Tiffany and the bears just experienced, but Tiffany says going to the final four was intoxicating and that he has a better chance of going with UVA.

“I want to keep going back. I want Brown to keep going back. But I think that can happen more consistently in Charlottesville.”

                                                  -Lars Tiffany

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Le Moyne Gets Their Biscuit

A wise man once said, “You gotta risk it, to get the biscuit”. And to an outsider that might have seemed like Le Moyne’s motto going into the championship game. However, coach Dan Sheehan says his team used TRUST, not risky behavior.

Before the final game of the 2016 season coach Sheehan reinforced the idea to his players that they were going to make Limestone play a full sixty minutes of Dolphin lacrosse.

“We don’t watch a drop of film when we step foot in Philadelphia, because it’s really got nothing to do with the guys in the locker room that way.” Sheehan said, pointing to Limestone’s side of the hallway. “Our recipe says it has everything to do with the guys in the locker room on that side.”

-Dan Sheehan

Sheehan’s riskiest move was covering the DII player of the year, Mike Messenger , with a short stick defenseman (Messenger averaged 4.75 goals a game). This was also one of the biggest payoffs for the Dolphins as their own Kyle DeAngelis held Messenger to just one goal.

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Rumors DII Dowling Will Close Doors

Many of you might remember when underdog Dowling College walked into Gilllete Stadium in 2012 and upset Limestone 11-10. Ever since then the team has struggled to make another appearance, and now the college is struggling to keep it’s doors open.

According to an AP story the institution is apparently over $54 million in debt, and enrollment has dropped 50 percent since 2009. The AP also reports that “President Albert Inserra says in a statement that the school will cease operations on Friday.” So far, there is no evidence on Dowling’s website that indicates that the school is officially closing, but they have announced that both Summer sessions are cancelled.

This comes at an unfortunate time as well for the Dowling Women’s lacrosse team as they advanced to the second round of the tournament this year.

What would you do if your school closed its doors? Comment Below. 

Hoo Will Be Next to Coach UVA?

Excuse the pun, but the lax community is dying to know who will take over at the University of Virginia! It won’t be easy to replace the man they nicknamed “The Institution”, but UVA might have a few tricks up their sleeve…

The first candidate is Matt Brown, assistant coach for the Denver Pioneers. This young buck has proved to be a great player and an offensive genius, producing TWO Tewaaraton Award finalists in Wes Berg and Connor Cannizzaro.

Next up is Andy Shay, head coach for the Yale Bulldogs. In the past 6 years he’s averaged 10 wins per season, and he brought his 13-2 team to the playoffs this year after winning the Ivy League Tournament.

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Taylor Cummings Wins THIRD Tewaaraton Award!

Thursday, June 2nd, Taylor Cummings was announced as the 2016 Tewaaraton Winner, which came as no surprise to anyone following women’s college lacrosse this year. The senior midfielder has been a powerhouse for Maryland ever since her freshman season in the spring of 2013. She is the first ever, man or woman, to win the Tewaaraton Award three times, and only the fourth woman’s player to win the Tewaaraton in consecutive seasons. This year she broke Maryland’s record for the most draw controls and caused turnovers in a single season. She’s also on several of Maryland’s all-time record lists including 2nd in points, 1st in draw controls, 3rd in goals, and 9th in assists. She finished her collegiate career with only four losses, one being to UNC last weekend in the NCAA Championship.

When Cummings was talking about her senior season last month she said,

“I’ve tried to appreciate every moment, every practice, every game.”

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HEEL YEAH! UNC Men’s Lax Takes the ‘Ship

A 25 year title-less era has come to an end for the Tar Heels.  Like its female counterpart, unseeded UNC copped the national title with a 14-13 OT win over Maryland at Lincoln Financial Field.

As the seconds ticked away in OT, the Heels quickly moved the ball around and into the crosse of Most Outstanding Player Chris Cloutier, who ripped a lefty shot and netted the game winner.  It was his fifth goal of the game and his 14th of the weekend.

The fact that UNC even had a possession to begin with was nothing short of a miracle.  The Terps began the sudden death period man-up due to a yellow card on UNC’s Luke Goldstock.  Goalie Brian Balkam made the save of his life and began what would be UNC’s winning possession.  Balkam had a total of 13 saves.

The Heels are the first unseeded team to win in the history of the tournament, defeating ranked opponents like Notre Dame and Loyola before finally facing Maryland and taking the title.

What do you think UNC will have in store for the 2017 season?  We can’t wait to see it!

UNC Dethrones Powerhouse Maryland for NCAA Title

Taylor Cummings who?

The Tar Heels tore apart undefeated two-time defending champion Maryland‘s legendary defense on Sunday during the NCAA championship game, cheered on by thousands of fans at Talen Energy Stadium.

UNC Midfielder Sammy Jo Tracy had no problem matching up against two-time Tewaaraton Award winner Taylor Cummings of the Terps.  Cummings managed to grab only four draw controls versus Tracy’s six draws and went 1-for-6 shooting on goalie Megan Ward, who held it down for the Tar Heels with a career-high 14 saves.

Attacker Aly Messinger of the Heels was crucial in the 13-7 victory, racking up two goals and four assists, earning her the personal title of championship’s most outstanding player.

Maryland choked as UNC’s fast-paced offense picked apart the renowned defense and allowed several open cutters to score.

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Greg Danseglio: Thinking Inside the Box

The story of Greg Danseglio is nothing short of a Hollywood movie. The kid who risks everything for the sport he loves ends up becoming a hero and getting a shot at a national championship. However, Greg Danseglio didn’t become a hero over night.

Prior to becoming a part of the Big Ten conference team in 2016, Greg Danseglio, played for the Virginia Cavaliers under now retired Dom Starsia. He didn’t just play for Virginia, he was an impact player for three years in a row. And despite his success he gave up his role as head honcho on a D1 powerhouse team to run the box for the Maryland Terrapins.

“It was hectic at first…Coach [John] Tillman thought I’d be good for the job. The first couple games were a little shaky — a couple offsides penalties and stuff like that. It was challenging at first because I was still trying to learn everyone’s name, learn this, learn that.”

-Greg Danseglio, University of Maryland LSM

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Tufts Beats St. Lawrence to Set Up Three-Peat Try

The chance at a three-peat is alive and well for Tufts University. Pegged against St. Lawrence University at their very own Bello Field, the Jumbos fused ruthless offense with stout defense en route to a 23-12 victory on Sunday and a spot in next weekend’s Division III national title game.

The Jumbos (20-2) will play Salisbury, a 14-6 winner of Gettysburg, in Sunday’s other Division III men’s semifinal.

The NESCAC side, which captured the 2014 and 2015 championship tilts, didn’t pull away until the second half, but that was never of concern for head coach Mike Daly. Jumbo goalkeeper Alex Salazar answered nearly every Saints bid, as he recorded 18 saves, and Tufts’ attack trio of Jake Gillespie, Austin Carbone and John Uppgren was electric in combining for 11 goals and five assists.

“I think it’s a privilege to represent this university and to represent this program, but it’s all players,” Daly said. “Those are the guys who show up every day and are putting the work in in the weight room year-round, on the wall year-round. Once that game starts, I’m a spectator as much as the next guy and those players have got to make the plays, those players made the plays. It’s special.”

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Recruiting Insight with Elizabethtown College Head Coach Drew Delaney

As high school students begin to go through the recruiting process, there are many aspects of college that any student will look into. Drew Delaney of Elizabethtown College is one who is very knowledgeable of not only the aspects that make a lacrosse team great, but also what makes a college experience special.

Coach Delaney began his tenure at Elizabethtown in the summer of 2013.  In his second year in 2015, he and the Blue Jays soared with a 14-3 record as well as a 7-0 conference record.

This success is nothing new to Delaney as he came to Elizabethtown with 10 years of coaching experience behind him.  As Coach Delaney continues to build a special program at Elizabethtown, we sat down with him to learn more about what makes a recruit standout, as well as what makes Elizabethtown such a extraordinary experience for any lacrosse player.

What advice do you have for players interested in Division III schools?

The biggest thing when starting their college search is to figure out what type of institution they’re looking for whether it is size, location, or what majors they want.  At the end of the day this is a huge investment.  Lacrosse is an aspect of their decision, so these students need to find the right fit academically and a place that’s going to put them where they want to be at the end of their 4 years.

What is the best way for players to get on your recruiting radar?

I always tell players recruiting is not going to happen to them.  They have to be proactive in being found by coaches.  To get on our radar we’re looking for students who are reaching out via email and phone.   Letting us know of their interest, letting us know why they’re interested.   Providing important things like transcripts, highlights, and SAT scores are something every coach is looking for so be prepared to provide them.  The guys that are organized in getting things to coaches are the ones that stand out in the crowd.

What type of players do you primarily look for, a raw athlete or refined lacrosse player?

I think we’re looking for is potential.  With the new accelerated recruiting a lot of players are making their decisions early, which is leaving a lot of strong players who may not have developed as quickly.  We’re looking for someone who is exceptional in terms of skill level or possesses great potential in terms of athleticism.

We want to be one of the fastest teams in Division III.  We want to have an aggressive style and we want to find players who fit that style.  Having players who are slick and creative or athletes who are able to really push the tempo, those are the guys that really stand out to us.  And we obviously need defenders and goalies that don’t just get stops but create full field offense, as well.

What areas of player development would you recommend players focus on to elevate their game?

Obviously keeping a stick in your hand, developing the ability to throw from any angle, building some creativity.  Also, working on foot speed, and increasing strength is going to help a young player get noticed and get an opportunity.  Guys should work on becoming lacrosse strong, not weight room strong.  Train to increase your range of motion, your flexibility and your explosiveness and don’t get caught up in how much weight you are using.

What is special about playing at Elizabethtown College?

What stands out to me in my two years with the program is just how passionate our student-athletes are about the institution, as well as the program. Our guys are involved in everything on campus, whether it be clubs, organizations, or intramurals.  They’re supportive of other students on campus and it’s a full college experience where you can be involved in as many things as you want.  Our guys can pursue a lot of great majors and also compete in the highest level of Division III.

Are there any last pieces of advice for players and families you’d like to share?

The big thing families need to remember is it’s a big decision for these young men, as well as a big financial commitment, so it’s important to take their time.  These kids should do the research to find the right fit.  They shouldn’t feel pressure.  If students have done the work in classroom and on the field, they will have a lot of great opportunities.   Remember not making a decision quickly means you may miss out on one opportunity, but there will be many other great opportunities at another school.  Make sure you have the information you need to be comfortable making a commitment.

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