Players That Could Join Paul Rabil as the Face of Lacrosse

Even if you are not too familiar with lacrosse, you may have heard the name Paul Rabil.  Rabil has had tremendous success on and off the lacrosse field.  He has won NCAA Championships, MLL titles, and boasts a 112mph shot.  These traits, combined with smart business decision and a desire to grow the game, have made Rabil into lacrosse’s first millionaire and also the face of the sport.  However, a growing sport needs more than one marquee player.  Here are several candidates that could join Rabil as the face of lacrosse.

1. Kyle Harrison – A former teammate of Paul Rabil at Johns Hopkins and a current player for the Ohio Machine, Harrison has taken advantage of the MLL’s transition to more of an open market.  Endorsement deals with STX, Adrenaline Lacrosse, and Tomahawk Shades have helped Harrison establish himself.  Harrison also boasts a Twitter following that even Paul Rabil calls impressive (22.5k).

2. Rob Pannell – RP3 is only a few years into his MLL career but has already made a huge impact.  A teammate of Rabil’s in New York, Pannell has racked up deals with Brine and Wheaties.  Pannell also shares Rabil’s desire to grow the sport of lacrosse as well as his own personal brand. Continue reading…

Potential Shot Clock Coming Soon to Women’s Lacrosse

The discussion over having a shot clock at the collegiate level for Women’s Lacrosse has been an ongoing topic for some time.  Recently, in the June 1st-3rd meetings in Indianapolis, the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Rules Committee, highly suggested the implementation of the shot clock rule to not only increase the pace of the game but, to also limit the abuse of stalling and shaving time off the clock.

The rule would create a 90-second time period for the offensive team to get a shot off on goal.  If there is no shot taken within that time period, possession will be changed over to the opposing team at the place where time ran out.

The clock will be reset any time a goalie deflects a shot or the ball hits off of the post.  The clock will also be reset any time a defender receives a yellow or red card, in addition to any change of possession during play.  The clock will continue to run down to zero if a shot goes wide or over the net.

Some colleges and universities have been open about their support for the rule change including Syracuse University, who endured almost 3 minutes of stalling from Northwestern in the 2012 final game. Many supporters make the point that the rule would not only increase the intensity and play of the game, but also make watching the sport much more enjoyable, with less standstill play and more fast-paced action. The recent match-up between UNC and Syracuse in the 2015 ACC Championship shows the expectations of how quickly shots should be taken at the higher level.

The Committee hopes for this rule to be approved during the July 16th Conference with the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel.  If this change in the game is approved, it will be established at the D1 level in 2017, and the D2 and D3 levels in 2018.


Growing the Game: Face Off Clinics Soar in Japan

In a recent article, Chris Raffa (Maryland), Matt Schomburg (Adelphi/Team Australia) and Christopher Jinno (Team Japan) traveled to Japan as FOGOLAX to tech face off techniques to Japanese teens.

The trip signifies the spread of the sport and the interest the world has in it. The team was surprised to see the knowledge of American and lacrosse culture that the athletes had in Japan.  The clinic’s success provides hope for the sport as it continues to grow internationally. Watch the experience below:


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Lehigh Women’s Lax Announce Incoming Recruiting Class

Lehigh head women’s lacrosse coach Jill Redfern announced the Mountain Hawks’ incoming class of 2019 on Tuesday which includes nine student-athletes from five different states. The group will look to mesh with Lehigh’s strong cast of returning players.

“We expect our Incoming class have an immediate impact on our program,” said Redfern. “They bring a variety of talents to our university and team. We can’t wait to welcome them and their contagious spirit to campus.”

Below are the nine incoming players:

Mary Ellen Caron • D/M • Mount Sinai, N.Y. • Arts and Sciences

Kellie Gough • M • Edgewater, Md. • Business

Jane Henderson • M/A • Narbeth, Pa. • Arts and Sciences

Maura Henderson • M/D • Narbeth, Pa. • Arts and Sciences

Courtney Henig • M • Millstone, N.J. • Business

Olivia Kelly • M • Summit, N.J. • Arts and Sciences

Sam Kratky • A • Westport, Conn. • Engineering

Annie Pearson • M • Basking Ridge, N.J. • Business

Kaitlyn Quinn • A • Huntington, N.Y. • Engineering

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Rival Schools Excel on the Field and in the Classroom

“The Rivalry” dates back to 1884 in a football match up between Lehigh Mountain Hawks and the Lafayette Leopards resulting in pure domination for the Leopards. Since that day the rivalry has spanned across all athletics and academics. The power struggle in the Patriot League stems from these two esteemed institutions. The growing sport of lacrosse has always thrived as a game of strategy, talent and intelligence, where the majority of the schools hold their athletes to a very high standard.To be eligible for the Academic Honor Roll, a student-athlete must earn a 3.20 grade-point average in the spring semester and participate in one of the Patriot League’s winter or spring championship sports.

Both Lehigh (@LehighLacrosse) and Lafayette (@LafayetteMLAX) managed to send 16 players each to this list.

Lehigh sent Cody Triolo, a sophomore Civil Engineering student to the list with an impressive 4.0, while Lafayette sent a record freshman class of 8 players to the Academic Honor Roll list.

Lehigh posted this video the night before the big game:

This year the two teams faced off in April and the game provided nothing less than what the fans wanted. The game ended in an 11-10 thriller win for the Mountain Hawks.

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Big Ten is a Big Win for Johns Hopkins Lacrosse

Johns Hopkins has always been a school that cherishes the game of lacrosse.  While the rest of athletes who wear the Blue Jay uniform compete at the Division III level, lacrosse is a Division I sport.  Johns Hopkins is one of the most storied programs in college lacrosse history, amassing over 40 national championships, including 9 modern day NCAA Division I titles.  Recently, the Johns Hopkins men’s lacrosse team failed to make a NCAA tournament berth.  2013 marked the first time that the Blue Jays would not play in the postseason since 1971.  Soon after this development, the University decided to end its tradition of non-affiliation and announced that it would be joining the newly formulated Big Ten conference.  On June 17, 2015, Johns Hopkins announced that the women’s lacrosse program would also be joining the Big Ten conference beginning with the 2016-2017 season.

Although the lady Blue Jays are moving away from non-affiliation, a trait that has made them unique, there is a lot to be said for joining the Big Ten.  The men’s lacrosse team’s season has proved that Hopkins is able to flourish in a conference setting, earning the Big Ten’s first ever conference title with a 13-6 victory over Ohio State.  The Blue Jays went on to make a run to the NCAA tournament where they lost to fellow conference member and storied rival, Maryland.  Although a NCAA tournament run was cut short, the Blue Jays thrived during their first season in the Big Ten.

Furthermore, the Big Ten has emerged as one of college lacrosse’s premier conferences on both the men’s and women’s side. Continue reading…