Hampton Pirates Find Gold in 1st Recruiting Class

When someone mentions Hampton University and sports never has lacrosse been a topic of conversation. Historically, Hampton has always been a basketball power house.However, that all might change soon for coach Lloyd Carter and his Pirates after taking a look at their first official recruiting class.

After looking through a few of the highlight tapes one word comes to mind when describing all of these players…ATHLETE. Not only can these guys  run like the wind, throw kids down to the floor, and switch directions before you see it coming. They also have a knack for putting the ball in the net with STYLE.

Right off the bat the Pirates grabbed two D1 transfers from St.John’s, Malcolm Flynn and Andrew Gray. They also snagged a JuCo transfer from ASA College, Kier Johnson, who has one of the most legit commitment videos I’ve ever seen.

The Pirates have also recruited two phenomenal goalies, Josh Tarver (Centerville HS,) and Kevin Mondy Jr. (Hillcrest HS), both with lightning quick hands.

As well as attackmen John Tarver (Centerville HS) and Preston Randolph (Episcopal HS, Va) who can virtually score from anywhere.



About Time Women’s Lacrosse!

Week 7: The 411 w/ Halle Majorana.

This week I caught up with one of my former high school teammates and current lacrosse superstar Halle Majorana. Halle graduated from Syracuse University this past year. She was an offensive powerhouse in the ACC this year and was selected to the IWLCA All-American Team, the ACC All-American Team, and was an ACC All-Tournament Team selection. She finished this season with 45 goals and 34 assists, making her ranked fifth nationally in points. Halle currently plays for the Long Island Sound.

What was your first thought when you heard about the league and when did you decide you wanted to get involved?

When I first heard about the pro league I was very excited. I wasn’t ready to finish my career and to hear that I wouldn’t have to end it right away was amazing. The pro league is the change we need for women’s sports and it’s awesome to see them trying to turn the game professionally like they did with the guys game.

What was the transition like between playing for Syracuse, one of the best collegiate teams in the country, to playing for the Long Island Sound, ranked number one professionally?

The pro level is being played at such a fast pace so it definitely took a little bit of time to get used to the 90 second shot clock, but after a couple plays I really started getting used to it and really enjoyed playing at the quicker pace.

WOMENS LACROSSEFavorite pregame meal.

Does Iced Coffee count?

Favorite pump-up song.

All the Way Up

Favorite new rule.

Moving on the whistle!



What is it like playing with and against some of the lacrosse legends you grew up watching like Katrina Dowd?

It’s amazing getting to play against people that I grew up idolizing. Lining up on attack alongside Katrina Dowd is just insane. It’s crazy to think I grew up watching her play in college, idolizing her every move, and now get to play with her. I’m so lucky with where the game of lacrosse has taken me and the friendships it has given me along the way!

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Week 6: The Inside Scoop.

This week I had the pleasure to interview some of the professional players themselves on their drive down to Virginia. Colleen Magarity and Kasey Mock of the Boston Storm gave me the inside scoop on the UWLX!

Do you have any go to pregame rituals/meals?

When I was in college we always had pregame meals as a team, but now in the professional league it’s not as structured because people are traveling from all over. Oatmeal is my game day morning meal! And chugging water! Always!!


Do you have any pump up songs?

We’ve been listening to some great pump up songs on our drive down. Justin Beiber is always pretty great and Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling is one of my current favorites. I always listen to music before my games. We have to pick goal songs, which is kind of high pressure, and I chose Fortunate Son by Creedance Clearwater Revival.


I went with Missy Eliiot’s Gossip Folk even though it’s pretty rare that you’ll hear it since I’m a defender.



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Top 5 FIL Prospects

If someone were to put all of the names of the players at the FIL and picked out 20 names at random no doubt they would have put together an all-star team, there was that much talent! Headlines were made and a few players stole the show which is why I’ve listed the Top 5 UNCOMMITTED prospects from last weeks tournament.

In no particular order the top 5 are:

Jake Bernhardt, USA

High School: Lake Brantley, Fla.

Committed to: Marylandimgres-1

Does it seem like Jared plays with the IQ of Jake Bernhardt and the athleticism of Jesse Bernhardt? It should, because he is their younger brother. Last week Jared posted 15 points for Team USA and set up the game winning goal against Canada. He was also named the FIL U-19 Tournament MVP, Best Midfielder, and  FIL All-Tournament Team. Some say that he’ll see immediate playing time at Maryland.

Tehoka Nanticoke, Iroquois

High School: IMG Academy, Fla.

Committed to: Albany


If you haven’t heard of Tehoka yet get with the times. 75% of the highlights that came from this tournament were of this guy. A native to the Onondaga reservation, Tehoka packed his bags and moved down south to play for IMG where he’s TOYING with kids. He was named FIL U-19 Best Attackman and FIL All Tournament Team. He’ll try to become the next Lyle Thompson (or better) at Albany in 2017.

Michael Sowers, USA

High School: Upper Dublin, PA.

Committed to: Princeton


Sowers was predicted to have an explosive tournament, and with 22 points (11 goals, 11 assists) he did just that. He teammate Alex Roesner with the most points for Team USA and he scored 1 goal and added 2 assists to beat Canada in the title game. He was named to the FIL All Tournament Team. Sowers is also believed to currently hold the record for most assists in the history of high school lacrosse.

Kyle Hebert, Canada

High School: St. Michael’s College School, Ont.

Committed to: Stony Brook


Hebert came up huge several times to help Canada advance to the title game. He has a special talent for positioning his body and he can throw DIMES. Against Team USA Hebert held his own while recording 11 saves against some of the top attackmen in the world. He was named U-19 Best Goalie and FIL All-Tournament Team. Good luck to anyone who tries to sneak one past Hebert while he’s a Seawolf.

Jeff Teat, Canada

High School: The Hill Academy, Ont.

Committed to: Cornell


After the year Jeff Teat has had I would expect him to be on the front of a Wheaties box soon. After scoring 28 points (15 goals, 13 assists) you would’ve thought Teat was worthy of some kind of accolade, but he was still the go to guy for Canada. Every play, even the small ones, started with Teat. He’ll look to redeem himself in a couple months at Cornell.


Iroquois Razzle ‘n’ Dazzle for Bronze

In the shadows of Team USA and Team Canada playing for gold was a highly explosive Iroquois National team that was moving the ball in and out of their sticks every way imaginable to defeat the Australians for bronze.

The Nationals fell short in the semifinal round losing to Team Canada by a score of 14-11, but they didn’t go down with a fight. Jaw dropping plays from the Nationals seemed to be popping up every 30 minutes on social media.

In the past, the team has fielded some pretty special talent with the Thompson brothers, Zach Miller, and Randy Staats. However, there is a new wave of talent that lead the charge.

A few notable players on the team are:

Douglas Jamieson

Doug was definitely one of the bigger players this weekend, and I mean that literally. With a 6’3″ 240lb frame this guy bullied everyone at the “X”. He played a huge part in getting the ball into his teammates sticks by winning 40 out of 54 draws in the tournament.   Doug has just finished his two years at Onondaga Community College and plans on entering the NLL draft.

Tehoka Nanticoke

Tehoka quickly became a fan favorite with his lacrosse wizardry. Over and over again this guy found amazing ways to put the  ball in the back of the net. With 20 points for the week he was named the FIL positional MVP for attack,and he was named to the world team. Soon he will be finishing his last year at IMG Academy before heading up to the University of Albany where he joins former teammates Colin Lyons and Cougar Kirby.

Austin Staats

Leading the Blue division with 21 points (13 goals, 8 assists) and scrapping his way to the top was Austin Staats, the younger brother of Randy Staats. Austin was not afraid to get his hands dirty and draw a few penalties for his team. Austin scored three goals while playing against Team USA, and he was named to the World team. This fall Austin will be playing for OCC.

Other notable players are Matthew Bennett, Sekwanee Baker, and Mitch Laffin.




Clash of the Titans

In less than 24 hours the U-19 world games will get underway. The best prep players from around the world will be strapping up their pads and throwing on their nations colors.

For the boys in the red, white, AND blue this week is all about restoring pride. In last few years a very skilled team Canada has beaten team USA in a series of heart breakers.

In the 2014 FIL U-19 world games team Canada defeated team USA 8-5 to claim gold. Last year, in the indoor championships, team Canada defeated USA 12-8 to claim another gold medal. And earlier this year, team Canada once again beat team USA 14-13 in an OT thriller.

“The tradition of this event as a whole, what it means to put on the Red, White and Blue, and the responsibility we have crossing that border are all things that are very important to us. At the end of the day, it’s not a pressure situation. It’s an exciting opportunity. We appreciate it for what it is. We understand the challenge that lies ahead, and we look forward to attacking it.”

Nick Myers, Head coach Team USA

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Little Giants: Lax Edition

Imagine playing on the biggest stage the game has to offer, with free gear thrown your way, and ESPN announcers calling your name after making a HUGE play. For some U13 players this fantasy became a reality at the 2nd Annual Warrior World Series of Youth Lacrosse (WSYL).

That’s right, a swarm of teenage lax bros, and lax gals now, were treated to an amazing weekend of lacrosse by the Denver Outlaws and the founder of the MLL, Jake Steinfeld.

The teams that attended the event were selected by a blue ribbon panel of youth lacrosse coaches. The chosen teams then competed in regional qualifiers for the chance to play in Sports Authority Fields at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.

“Creating the pinnacle of youth lacrosse as we did for the professional game is another dream come true. Bringing great partners and friends like The Coca-Cola Company, Warrior, MET-Rx, Wheels Up, the Denver Outlaws organization and ESPN will make this the greatest youth lacrosse experience on the planet.”

Jake Steinfeld, Co-Founder of the MLL

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Nat175 Best of the Best Standouts

This past week National 175 held its tournament, Best of the Best,                                               on Long Island. After talking to some of theCmOA4wFWQAAZFH2 kids playing out there and watching play myself, I can definitely say the competition was fierce. The divisions ranged from 2017 all the way to 2024, which makes me feel extremely old. The CT Chargers (2017 & 2020), Team LI (2018 & 2024), and LI Outlaws Select (2022 & 2023) all had multiple teams win their divisions, while ADVNC SAC 2019 and the Dukes 2021 won their divisions as well. Game play was held in multiple locations including Garden City, Uniondale, and Hicksville depending on the age group. Sadly, I only had the chance to watch the older divisions so this article focuses on them.

There were definitely some standout players at the tournament. This list is only a few of the vast numbers of talented players and athletes.

Class of 2017

Mike Pullano, M, 32 / Manhasset High School, NY

Mike is a middie but also a face-off guy. He did a great job on the face-offs because of his aggression and clear heart. It is impossible to win a game if you cannot possess the ball, and winning face-offs leads to more possessions.

Class of 2018

Eddie Arnold, D, 32 / Manhasset High School, NY

Eddie was a starter for his varsity team as a freshman this past year. He’s extremely athletic and fast. His stick and ball handling skills were impressive and he was clearly an asset for 32 coming out of the back end.

DJ Baraniuk, M, Thunder / Mount Olive High School, NJ

DJ truly controls the tempo on the offensive end. His ability to calm his teammates and amp them up when need be was astonishing to see in a player his age. DJ’s great at pushing the ball out of transition and his vision enables him to get the job done.

Class of 2019

Connor Drake, M/A, CT Chargers / Wilton High School, CT

Connor was clearly one of the most dominant players on the field. He was fast and electric, making it extremely difficult to guard him. His feeding capabilities and outside shooting made him a threat all over the field.

Patrick Chisholm, G, NJ Riot

Patrick is a strong goalkeeper and a good, solid ball stopper. He was active in the clears and also showed leadership by directing traffic on the defensive end.

Black Ewaskey, LSM, Bucks Select

Black is aggressive offball which leads to many opportunities for groundballs. He went after gbs with the same aggression that he demonstrated throughout the game. He also seemed to be a great asset for Bucks Select in their clears.

DJ Kelly, A, NJ Riot / Bergen Catholic High School, NJ

DJ is a lefty attackman. His amazing vision allows him to string together feeds left and right making him a huge offensive threat.







Tuft Decision for Mike Daly

When Lars Tiffany announced he was going to be the next coach for the University of Virginia the lax community threw him into the spotlight. But, now that all the hype has faded there comes a new question, who will be the man to fill his shoes?

While the light was shining bright on UVA, Brown found their man. Mike Daly, former Tufts coach, has just announced the he’ll be taking over for the bears.

“Mike Daly is a terrific coach, has a proven track record of success and is the architect of the offense that has brought Brown so much success over the last two years…He has experience recruiting quality student-athletes who excel equally on the field and in the classroom.”

-Jack Hayes, Brown Athletic Director

In his 18 seasons with Tufts, Daly has posted a record of 244-83, while winning 7 NESCAC titles and making 9 NCAA tournament appearances. And oh yeah, 3 national championships in 2010, 2014, and 2015. In 2014 he orchestrated an offense that set an NCAA record of 423 goals in a single season. AND Daly is among the top 10 active coaches for winning percentage.

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Under Armour finds “Shooting Stars”

Over 4,000 fans piled into Johnny Unitas Stadium at Towson University to watch 88 of the best high school players battle it out in the 11th annual Under Armour All-American game this Saturday, and boy did they get their money’s worth!

The North Controlled the game at the “X” winning 24 of 42 draws while the south only pulled in 18. The most impressive part was that there were no face-off violations the entire game! This shows serious poise for a group of incoming freshman playing in front of a crowd bigger than most regular season NCAA games.

The South got off to a quick 7-3 start, however, given their difficulties to gain possession. Cole Williams (4G/1A) , the MVP of the game, helped the south take the lead with 3 goals in the first quarter.

“We played well in transition, and I was able to get by my defender when the defense wasn’t set and put a couple in the back of the net.”

– Cole Williams, Loyola Blakefield 

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Growing the Game: Lax Goes International

Kids Lacrosse The World is an organization that focuses on growing the sport of lacrosse in rural communities throughout the world through community involvement and development at the youth level.  They strive to influence and impact the lives of youth through physical education and healthy lifestyles.  In May, Founder Elliott Couch and others visited the Butula Hekima Academy in Kenya, Africa to start a youth lacrosse program.

When they arrived, they started to build some lacrosse goals, made from a cut-down tree.   A crowd of students gathered around them, watching intently.  The students began to help lace the nets and in no time they constructed two full size, 6×6 working lacrosse goals.  The goals made the field, which was home to the grazing school cows and chickens, into the students’ very own lacrosse field.

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