Austin Henningsen About to Unleash the Beast

Team USA U-19 has just a few days to prepare for the FIL opening game against a powerful Canadian team. Luckily, for team USA, Austin Hennigsen has been preparing his whole life for this opportunity.

As a Long Island resident, Henningsen got to reap the benefits of living in a small world. Living next door to Henningsen and his grandparents was face-off guru and former Long island Lizard’s star, Matt Schomburg. From day one Schomburg preached the technique and Henningsen listened.

“I was doing pretty well in our league and it just really took off…I knew I was going to be a faceoff guy.”

-Austin Henningsen

From the first whistle of his first game as a freshman, Henningsen continued to dominate at the X for the Northport Tigers. Now, as a Maryland Terrapin he continues to dominate. In his first season Heeningsen with the Terps he won 151 of 256 faceoffs (59%) on the season. He also managed to win 19 out of 30 against North Carolina in this years championship game.

Don’t think he made a difference? Well, when Henningsen missed 4 games in the regular season the Terps face-off percentage dropped to 39%. And all of his coaches, including Tillman, speak highly of him.

“We liked that he was a little bit bigger…He’s a pretty physical kid. We knew in the conference that we play, those guys get beat up and we’d like to kind of use the same, very similar to a running back that takes a lot of hits. He’s a very durable guy. He’s got quick hands.”

-John Tillman, Maryland Head Coach

Henningsen is looking forward to the challenge he will face at the FIL world championships.

“It’s going to be fun to faceoff against him [Justin Inacio] in Canada, when it really counts…He’s a smaller dude. But he’s very scrappy-like. He likes to go out and run the ball. The past few times I’ve seen him, that’s what I’ve took from him.”

UVA Finds Their Man

When Dom Starsia was let go by the University of Virginia this year the lacrosse world was left scratching it’s head. This man had led his team to 13 NCAA appearances and won 4 national titles!

Who could possibly follow in Starsia’s shoes and repeat his 24 years at UVA? Well, why not try taking another coach from Brown and see what he can do?

This is exactly what UVA has done. On June 21, 2016 the University of Virginia announced that Lars Tiffany, the now ex-head coach of Brown, will being taking over for Starsia.

This may come as a shock to many because of the success Tiffany and the bears just experienced, but Tiffany says going to the final four was intoxicating and that he has a better chance of going with UVA.

“I want to keep going back. I want Brown to keep going back. But I think that can happen more consistently in Charlottesville.”

                                                  -Lars Tiffany

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13 MLL Players Donate Their Brains to Science

Last week was Major League Lacrosse’s Concussion Awareness Week.  Hundreds of athletes have suffered a concussion at some point during their careers, a fair share coming from lacrosse.

“I was speaking gibberish…I was saying all I wanted to do was eat a large pizza and have a bath.”

-Kevin Crowley, Midfielder for the Charlotte Hounds (MLL)

“In college, one of the other goalies on my team, when I was a sophomore, got two concussions and had to take the year off.  My senior year, my college roommate had concussion symptoms as well. It impacted his life greatly, being able to concentrate and sitting in a dark room.”

-Tyler Fiorito, Goalie for the Boston Cannons (MLL)

Most lacrosse players have either seen or experienced the harsh effects of a concussion, so some major league players have decided to do something about it.

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National Wall Ball Challenge

US Lacrosse kickstarted a National Wall Ball Challenge, running for a 10-week period beginning on June 13 and ending on August 20.  The goal of the challenge is to create support for the First Stick Program and to help improve individual stick skills.  The First Stick Program provides equipment to new players and helps grow the game.

SNYPR developed an app that tracks the number of repetitions that players complete during a wall ball session.  These numbers appear on regional and national leaderboards.  The ultimate goal is to reach 10,000 reps, for which a player is awarded a certificate of success.

Participants in the challenge recruit sponsors to provide donations on a per rep or flat rate basis.  All proceeds go towards the First Stick Program.

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Business and Pleasure: 15-Year-Old Lacrosse Player Takes on “Shark Tank”

At the age of 12, Rachel Zietz decided she was tired of inadequate lacrosse equipment.  Expensive rebounders and goals seemed to deteriorate after just a few months.

“I knew I wasn’t the only lacrosse player out there who was let down by the available equipment, so I decided to design and manufacture my own, and thus Gladiator Lacrosse was born.”

-Rachel Zietz, Founder of Gladiator Lacrosse

Zietz began to sell rebounders and goals that would stand the test of time, built with 20 percent more steel and thicker netting than that of her competition.

She launched her business in 2012 and created a website by 2013. Zietz sold out of 500 rebounders and 1,100 goals within four months of January 2014. Continue reading…

From Benchwarmer to BEAST: Kyle Bernlohr’s Road to Greatness

Benchwarmers, do not worry…your time will come!  Just ask Maryland goalie Kyle Bernlohr.

Bernlohr spent three seasons on the bench watching starting goalie Niko Amato, the best keeper in the country in 2014 and a four-year, first-team all-league selection in the Atlantic Coast Conference, an incredible feat.

Those three years would prove to be some of the harder times Bernlohr had experienced.  He admits he made lists of schools he could transfer to.  However, in pursuit of a national championship, he decided to stick with Maryland, which would prove to be an incredible judgment.

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Rumors DII Dowling Will Close Doors

Many of you might remember when underdog Dowling College walked into Gilllete Stadium in 2012 and upset Limestone 11-10. Ever since then the team has struggled to make another appearance, and now the college is struggling to keep it’s doors open.

According to an AP story the institution is apparently over $54 million in debt, and enrollment has dropped 50 percent since 2009. The AP also reports that “President Albert Inserra says in a statement that the school will cease operations on Friday.” So far, there is no evidence on Dowling’s website that indicates that the school is officially closing, but they have announced that both Summer sessions are cancelled.

This comes at an unfortunate time as well for the Dowling Women’s lacrosse team as they advanced to the second round of the tournament this year.

What would you do if your school closed its doors? Comment Below. 

Hoo Will Be Next to Coach UVA?

Excuse the pun, but the lax community is dying to know who will take over at the University of Virginia! It won’t be easy to replace the man they nicknamed “The Institution”, but UVA might have a few tricks up their sleeve…

The first candidate is Matt Brown, assistant coach for the Denver Pioneers. This young buck has proved to be a great player and an offensive genius, producing TWO Tewaaraton Award finalists in Wes Berg and Connor Cannizzaro.

Next up is Andy Shay, head coach for the Yale Bulldogs. In the past 6 years he’s averaged 10 wins per season, and he brought his 13-2 team to the playoffs this year after winning the Ivy League Tournament.

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Taylor Cummings Wins THIRD Tewaaraton Award!

Thursday, June 2nd, Taylor Cummings was announced as the 2016 Tewaaraton Winner, which came as no surprise to anyone following women’s college lacrosse this year. The senior midfielder has been a powerhouse for Maryland ever since her freshman season in the spring of 2013. She is the first ever, man or woman, to win the Tewaaraton Award three times, and only the fourth woman’s player to win the Tewaaraton in consecutive seasons. This year she broke Maryland’s record for the most draw controls and caused turnovers in a single season. She’s also on several of Maryland’s all-time record lists including 2nd in points, 1st in draw controls, 3rd in goals, and 9th in assists. She finished her collegiate career with only four losses, one being to UNC last weekend in the NCAA Championship.

When Cummings was talking about her senior season last month she said,

“I’ve tried to appreciate every moment, every practice, every game.”

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UNC Lacrosse: The Kelly Family Roots

When Joe Breschi helped the University of North Carolina win their last national championship in 1991 he had a little bit of help from the Kelly family. Brothers David and Bryan Kelly both won national championships in 1986 and 1991, but since then UNC has struggled to make it to championship weekend.

25 years later there’s a new Kelly squad on UNC’s roster. Senior Patrick Kelly, his cousin junior Stephen Kelly, and younger brother freshman Timmy Kelly, are all consistent contributors for the powerhouse offense of North Carolina. Each Kelly graduated from Calvert Hall College High School in Baltimore, where Bryan Kelly is the head coach. While Stephen is dominating at the faceoff X, he gives his cousins Patrick and Timmy a chance is show their skills on the settled offense side of the ball. Also in 2018, Bryan Kelly’s son Jacob will be next in line to continue the UNC lacrosse Kelly tradition.

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