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Finding both the right school and lacrosse program is a challenge, so help future recruits learn from your experience by posting a review of your college team. Your input helps recruits evaluate the over 1,400 college lacrosse teams listed in our directory and promotes your program to future recruits.

During our Endorsement Challenge, the college team that gets the most endorsements will win free custom dress shirts by Imparali.com or Ralph Lauren leather tote bags for their seniors. These are sure to help seniors make a strong first impression at their new jobs.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or just the best pizza in town, reviews help you make an informed decision. ConnectLAX college profiles detail the academic, social and financial side of your school, but only you can provide an insider’s perspective on the student-athlete experience at your program.

Endorsing your team takes less than a minute so get started here: Connectlax.com/endorse.

ConnectLAX.com Recruiting Guide: A Free Resource to Get Ahead

Knowledge is power and the ConnectLAX recruiting guide provides practical advice to help you navigate today’s accelerated recruiting environment. This step-by-step guide helps you understand the process and in doing so, separate yourself from the pack. Download a free copy at ConnectLAX.com/guide.
Lacrosse is a great tool in gaining admission to a top school. In fact, a recruited athlete is 30% more likely to be admitted than a non-athlete, according to a study of admissions data at elite institutions published in the New York Times.

Lacrosse recruiting comes down to supply and demand. There have been 1,400 new high school lacrosse teams added since 2006 compared to only a handful of new Division I Men’s and Women’s teams. With increased competition for a limited number of roster spots, recruits need to use their grades, test scores, extracurricular activities and knowledge of the recruiting process to open their recruitment to as many schools as possible.

It is important to identify schools that fit you on and off the field and then proactively reach out to college coaches at these schools. College is a 40-year, not a 4-year decision, so find colleges that match your academic, athletic, social and financial preferences at ConnectLAX.com/colleges.

Skill x Exposure + Knowledge = College Roster. Knowledge of the recruiting process is an important key in helping recruits secure a roster spot and admission to their dream school. Learn more at ConnectLAX.com.

Team Recruiting Maximizes Every Player’s Exposure

ConnectLAX mobile recruiting profiles already put your player info at the fingertips of college coaches, allowing them to evaluate your profile while watching you play.

Now, with the addition of team recruiting, players can further maximize their recruiting exposure by linking to their team’s roster, allowing college coaches to review an entire team’s roster from the sidelines. For example, a coach that may have come to see a midfielder can now find, evaluate and track a defender that also catches their eye. Through each recruit’s profile calendar, coaches can easily follow your team’s schedule and see their prospects again in person.

The Spartans in 300 didn’t defeat the Persians by working alone. They banded together and elevated each other. Team recruiting works much the same way, increasing the recruiting exposure of every player on the team.

Through ConnectLAX, travel and high school coaches can easily track their player’s college preferences, which player’s rank after creating their target list of colleges here: Connectlax.com/colleges.

Travel and high school coaches can sign up their players for as low as $25 per player, which is a one-time fee that covers them through the entire recruiting process and provides access to every college coach. Player’s can also link to multiple team rosters at no extra charge.

College coaches love it because they don’t need to log in to view player profiles.

Visit Connectlax.com/teamrecruiting to learn more.

College Endorsement Challenge!

The team with the most endorsements (reviews) of their lacrosse program by current and former players and staff will win free custom dress shirts by Imparali.com (men) or Ralph Lauren leather tote bags (women) for their seniors. This prize will help seniors make a great first impression at their new jobs or job interviews and is >$1,000 value.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or just the best pizza in town, reviews help you make an informed decision. ConnectLAX college profiles help recruits evaluate your team and also market your program to future recruits. Endorsements provide an insider’s perspective on the experience of student-athletes in your lacrosse program.

The custom shirts are measured to each player’s body shape and include a monogram of the player’s or school’s initials. The leather tote bag is the perfect companion for every woman starting her career and is great for carrying gym shoes and a laptop.

How Do I Win?
1 – Find Your College Profile at ConnectLAX.
2 – Send a Link of Your College Profile to Upperclassman and Alumni to Get Endorsements.
3 – Share Your Link on Twitter and Facebook to Reach Your Alumni Network and Win the Prize for Your Seniors.

No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win. Every college team with a ConnectLAX profile is eligible. 1 winner will be selected based on total valid endorsements as of March 31, 2014.

ConnectLAX Recruiting Profiles Go Mobile

Like everything else, college recruiting has gone mobile. Coaches don’t find you while surfing the Internet; they see you on the field. They look over their shoulder and say “hey, who’s that number 24.” As a recruit, you want to have that information at their fingertips, which is exactly what a ConnectLAX mobile recruiting profile provides. Oh yeah and recruiting plans start for free.

College coaches can bookmark and message you through your recruiting profile and track your tournament schedule. In addition, coaches can review your highlight video and endorsements from your current coaches, all from the convenience of their phone or tablet. College coaches see hundreds of potential recruits every year, separate yourself from the pack by helping coaches evaluate your skills and profile together.

There’s no question lacrosse recruiting has evolved. Travel teams provide increased exposure to college coaches, who enjoy the ability to see many recruits at once competing against top opposition. At ConnectLAX, we know a recruiting profile is only the first step. Making it mobile and then tying it to your travel or high school team maximizes your exposure. Coaches are able to find you by pulling up your team’s roster as well.

“I see a lot of recruits at a bunch of tournaments, and the ability to evaluate a recruit’s profile while watching them live and then share that player with my staff makes it easier for us to screen and ultimately get him on our recruiting radar” says Carl Festa, head coach at The College of Wooster.

Create your free, mobile recruiting profile at Connectlax.com.

ConnectLAX believes recruiting success = skill x exposure + knowledge. We help recruits develop their skills by working with a private instructor and attending the right camps. Players maximize their exposure to college coaches with mobile recruiting profiles tied to their teams. Knowledge of the recruiting process comes from working with our personal recruiting coaches and reviewing step-by-step recruiting guide, written for today’s accelerated recruiting environment. Find your college matches and recruiting success at ConnectLAX.com.


ConnectLAX Partners with Prodigy Launch

ConnectLAX.com recently launched a free college matching service and recruiting profiles. To bring their recruiting profiles to life, ConnectLAX has partnered with Prodigy Launch for the creation of their recruit highlight videos. “Simply put, recruiting profiles need a great highlight video to be effective and highlight videos need a recruiting profile to effectively reach college coaches,” says Gage Mersereau of ConnectLAX. “We reached out to Prodigy Launch because their player isolation and replay editing are the best, and this is what college coaches told us is most important in their evaluation.”

ConnectLAX recruits receive exclusive pricing from Prodigy Launch on their highlight videos. Recruits can get their customized, highlight video created in a few easy steps and in just a few days. In addition, Prodigy Launch has a network of videographers that can come film you in action. “The ConnectLAX recruiting profile is the perfect opportunity for any lacrosse player interested in playing at next level to showcase their talents and find their perfect college fit. We’re excited to be working with ConnectLAX to offer players the best lacrosse, highlight video option to accompany their recruiting profile,” says Matt Burkhead, CEO of Prodigy Launch.

Recruits can learn more and view sample videos here: Highlights.prodigylaunch.com.

ConnectLAX believes successful recruitment = skill x exposure + knowledge. Prodigy Launch highlight videos will bring your game to life for college coaches and ensure it gets shared in the best way possible.

ConnectLAX will also work with Prodigy Launch to get their game highlight videos in their college profiles (e.g. connectlax.com/collegeteam/male-d3-at-stevenson_university). The ConnectLAX directory has over 1,350 collegiate lacrosse teams from club to top Division I programs. Players and parents can create a personalized list of target colleges that match their academic, athletic, social and financial preferences.

Find your college matches for free here: Connectlax.com/colleges.

ConnectLAX has the largest network of private instructors and the biggest camp directory in the US. From private lessons to camps and club teams and on to recruiting, ConnectLAX helps players grow their game. Prodigy is a sports marketing, management and media development company for amateur, collegiate, and professional sports and lifestyle organizations. To learn more at ProdigyLaunch.com.


ConnectLAX Launches Free College Matching Service


ConnectLAX.com has a new, completely free service for players and parents to create a personalized list of target colleges that match their academic, athletic, social and financial preferences. The ConnectLAX directory has over 1,350 collegiate lacrosse teams from club to top Division I programs.

Each college profile details the school’s student body, admissions criteria, financial costs and LinkedIn information about their graduates. Team Twitter feeds and Youtube videos help recruits learn about the program and team chemistry. Coaches can add a description about their program. Current and former players can write endorsements about their experience.

Find your college matches here: Connectlax.com/colleges.

With their target list of colleges, players can create a free recruiting profile and start reaching out to college coaches. ConnectLAX recruiting profiles are the most dynamic, social and robust recruiting profiles available, period. Profiles feature the recruits’ lacrosse network as well as endorsements from instructors, other players and coaches.

ConnectLAX believes successful recruitment = skill x exposure + knowledge. ConnectLAX recruiting plans include a personal recruiting coach and a recruiting package mailed to recruits. Recruiting packages include the ConnectLAX recruiting handbook, which guides recruits through today’s accelerated, recruiting landscape with step-by-step, practical advice. ConnectLAX provides all the tools to the recruiting equation.

Jumpstart your recruiting here: Connectlax.com/recruiting.

ConnectLAX has the largest network of private instructors and the biggest camp directory in the US. From private lessons to camps and club teams and on to recruiting, ConnectLAX helps players track and grow their lacrosse network along the way. College coaches can then find common relationships within a player’s network and reach out to learn more about a player and their game. This can help players get on a coach’s recruiting radar. ConnectLAX believes life and lacrosse are about relationships.

Learn more and start building yours at ConnectLAX.com.


ConnectLAX acquires LaxTrainers.com

ConnectLAX.com, the leader in private lacrosse instruction, has acquired LAXTrainers.com. LAXTrainers was founded by Connecticut-natives Harley Brown and Jack Vaughan, and operates as a lacrosse-targeted search engine to help players find private instructors.

LAXTrainers’ instructors will join ConnectLAX and the largest network of private instructors in the US. Harley will be joining the ConnectLAX team to build on their health and nutrition blogging platform and social media strategies.

Harley and Jack felt that by combining with ConnectLAX, they could help their instructors connect with more players looking for private lessons. They were also attracted to how ConnectLAX, who operates the biggest camp directory in the country in addition to private lessons, is combining these services with their recently launched recruiting service.

Having recently gone through the recruiting experience, they saw the need and benefit of helping high school students find the right college fit.

“We want to help lacrosse players find success, just as we did.” Harley and Jack explain. “The college recruiting process is unfolding before these athletes can even enjoy high school. We believe ConnectLAX can help alleviate the stress that we remember so vividly. It’s a game, and it should always be fun.”

Visit Connectlax.com/colleges to get a personalized list of target colleges that match your preferences.

“We believe college is a 40-year, not a 4-year decision but we understand that can be difficult to understand as a high school underclassman under pressure to commit.”

Explains Gage Mersereau, co-founder of ConnectLAX. “We can’t remove the stress from this accelerated recruiting process, but by organizing over 1,350 collegiate lacrosse programs and allowing players and parents to search them based on athletic, academic, social and financial parameters, we hope they can find programs that are good matches on and off the field.”

In addition to helping find the right college, ConnectLAX provides recruits with a free recruiting profile to engage coaches at their target colleges. Recruits will also have access to the ConnectLAX Recruiting Handbook, which guides lacrosse players through today’s recruiting landscape.

With better information and practical advice, ConnectLAX hopes players and parents can avoid some of the negative byproducts of today’s accelerated recruiting process, including a rise in transfers at the college level.


NELAXBlog Write-Up on ConnectLAX: Uniteing the Lacrosse Community

ConnectLax is a company whose goal is to unite the lacrosse community. They achieve this through their website, connectlax.com. There, you are able to browse their camp directory and club team lists, as well as find lacrosse instructors for private lessons. ConnectLax was started by Gage and Nick. Both of these guys come from different lacrosse backgrounds, but both have the goal of connecting the lacrosse community. Gage grew up in Indiana and played club ball in college, where Nick grew up in upstate New York and played Division I lacrosse in college.

The idea of ConnectLax came about because of the growth of lacrosse outside of the Northeast. With so many new high schools and colleges starting lacrosse all over the country, there had to be a place where players can get the private instruction to grow as a lacrosse player and get information about these new programs. ConnectLax helps players and parents through this process. They also help former players either become or stay engaged in the lacrosse community through private lessons. Who better to teach lacrosse than a former lacrosse player? The lacrosse community is tight knit, and most players want to pass on their knowledge of the game; what better way of passing on that knowledge then through private lessons?

The lacrosse community has had a very positive response towards ConnectLax. ConnectLax did a LaxTour this summer, and they were also hosted by Major League Lacrosse teams. On their LaxTour, they talked with parents, players and instructors. A positive that most people liked was that ConnectLax is trying to organize the sport, meaning they have one platform to search for instructors, clinics, camps and club teams. Having to look in one place instead of cross-referencing multiple websites is most efficient. People in the lacrosse community also like that they screen and run background checks on all of their instructors.

ConnectLax is growing. As of today, they have nearly 200 instructors across the country; they would like to have 500 instructors by the end of the year. Their LaxTour has helped them in this effort. They are also launching a recruit match service this month. Through this service, they will help players manage their player “lifecycle.” They are already a source to find instructors and camps and now they want to help players choose the right colleges. The biggest piece that ConnectLax wants players to understand is that college is a 40-year not a 4-year decision. Their service will allow players to compare colleges based on location, education, social and financial parameters and then allow them to connect with the coaches through their free recruiting profile. As of now, ConnectLax has 1,280 schools in their database. Helping the player through their “lifecycle” is a goal of ConnectLax. They want to help players from their youth development (private lessons) into the right competitive camps, then onto club teams and now college recruiting. They want to help players create a separate profile from their social media profile.

Overall, ConnectLax has a great goal and they seem to be heading in the right direction. Make sure to check out their website, www.connectlax.com, and create a player profile. Also make sure to check their recruit match service launching this month.