Young Harris College Lacrosse Program Founder Kirk Rogers Steps Down

Young Harris College is an up and coming Division II program with a lot of potential. The Director of Athletics at Young Harris released a statement today in regards to the sudden departure of the men’s lacrosse coach Kirk Rogers:

“Over the past five years, Coach Rogers has served as the head men’s lacrosse coach and compiled an overall record of 30-29. I truly appreciate his commitment to building a strong men’s lacrosse program at YHC, his tireless work ethic, and putting YHC on the map for men’s lacrosse. I wish Kirk only the best as he has decided to embark on new career opportunities and spend more time with his family at this time in his life.”

Rogers introduced the lacrosse program to Young Harris College in 2012, and has served as the men’s lacrosse coach since its induction. Over the past four seasons the Mountain Lions saw a rise each year in total wins, from just 5 in their inaugural year to 10 this past season.

Rogers released his own statement saying, “I am excited to start a new chapter in my life and spend more time with my family and my fiancée,” said Rogers. “I will continue to follow the Young Harris lacrosse program from afar. I know what they are capable of and I expect great things.”

For now, assistant coach Forrest MacConnell will serve as interim head coach of the men’s lacrosse program.

Hampton Pirates Find Gold in 1st Recruiting Class

When someone mentions Hampton University and sports never has lacrosse been a topic of conversation. Historically, Hampton has always been a basketball power house.However, that all might change soon for coach Lloyd Carter and his Pirates after taking a look at their first official recruiting class.

After looking through a few of the highlight tapes one word comes to mind when describing all of these players…ATHLETE. Not only can these guys  run like the wind, throw kids down to the floor, and switch directions before you see it coming. They also have a knack for putting the ball in the net with STYLE.

Right off the bat the Pirates grabbed two D1 transfers from St.John’s, Malcolm Flynn and Andrew Gray. They also snagged a JuCo transfer from ASA College, Kier Johnson, who has one of the most legit commitment videos I’ve ever seen.

The Pirates have also recruited two phenomenal goalies, Josh Tarver (Centerville HS,) and Kevin Mondy Jr. (Hillcrest HS), both with lightning quick hands.

As well as attackmen John Tarver (Centerville HS) and Preston Randolph (Episcopal HS, Va) who can virtually score from anywhere.



About Time Women’s Lacrosse!

Week 7: The 411 w/ Halle Majorana.

This week I caught up with one of my former high school teammates and current lacrosse superstar Halle Majorana. Halle graduated from Syracuse University this past year. She was an offensive powerhouse in the ACC this year and was selected to the IWLCA All-American Team, the ACC All-American Team, and was an ACC All-Tournament Team selection. She finished this season with 45 goals and 34 assists, making her ranked fifth nationally in points. Halle currently plays for the Long Island Sound.

What was your first thought when you heard about the league and when did you decide you wanted to get involved?

When I first heard about the pro league I was very excited. I wasn’t ready to finish my career and to hear that I wouldn’t have to end it right away was amazing. The pro league is the change we need for women’s sports and it’s awesome to see them trying to turn the game professionally like they did with the guys game.

What was the transition like between playing for Syracuse, one of the best collegiate teams in the country, to playing for the Long Island Sound, ranked number one professionally?

The pro level is being played at such a fast pace so it definitely took a little bit of time to get used to the 90 second shot clock, but after a couple plays I really started getting used to it and really enjoyed playing at the quicker pace.

WOMENS LACROSSEFavorite pregame meal.

Does Iced Coffee count?

Favorite pump-up song.

All the Way Up

Favorite new rule.

Moving on the whistle!



What is it like playing with and against some of the lacrosse legends you grew up watching like Katrina Dowd?

It’s amazing getting to play against people that I grew up idolizing. Lining up on attack alongside Katrina Dowd is just insane. It’s crazy to think I grew up watching her play in college, idolizing her every move, and now get to play with her. I’m so lucky with where the game of lacrosse has taken me and the friendships it has given me along the way!

Check back weekly to read more about UWLX!


Week 6: The Inside Scoop.

This week I had the pleasure to interview some of the professional players themselves on their drive down to Virginia. Colleen Magarity and Kasey Mock of the Boston Storm gave me the inside scoop on the UWLX!

Do you have any go to pregame rituals/meals?

When I was in college we always had pregame meals as a team, but now in the professional league it’s not as structured because people are traveling from all over. Oatmeal is my game day morning meal! And chugging water! Always!!


Do you have any pump up songs?

We’ve been listening to some great pump up songs on our drive down. Justin Beiber is always pretty great and Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling is one of my current favorites. I always listen to music before my games. We have to pick goal songs, which is kind of high pressure, and I chose Fortunate Son by Creedance Clearwater Revival.


I went with Missy Eliiot’s Gossip Folk even though it’s pretty rare that you’ll hear it since I’m a defender.



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Standouts from East Coast Lacrosse Classic

On July 6th and 7th some of the best club teams congregated in Aston, Pennsylvania to play in the East Coast Lacrosse Classic. This summer was the premiere of the ECLC and it put an emphasis on quality games, great officiating, and high college coach attendance. This list includes only some of the talent that was there that weekend.

Class of 2017

Nicolas Torres, M, Silverbacks SelectDSC_0461

Nico grinded out there. He was always hustling and his grittiness made him a force to be reckoned with.

Matt Connolly, D, Silverbacks Nationals

Matt’s extremely physical and gives every attacker a hard time. His toughness made him hard to beat. Continue reading…

How to: The “Time and Room” Shot

We’ve all seen it, maybe even done it.  Your defender is late with the slide.  You crank back and let it fly, the ball skims the goalie’s ear and slides just under the pipe, that crazy equalizer goal.  These are the types of goals that change the entire momentum of a game and get us amped.  There’s an entire science behind the shot.

When watching someone take the shot, it looks like it’s all in the arms.  However, your entire body needs to work together in order to execute the Time and Room shot and put one in the back of the net when you need it the most.  Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

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5 Nutritional Tips on How to Dominate (All Season Long)

Nutrition equals performance, and nobody knows that better than Kelly Springer.  She is a registered dietician and owner of Kelly’s Choice, a collective of registered dietitians, nutritionists and educators who are dedicated to improving our communities by transforming diets. They offer customized nutrition coaching programs for schools, workplaces, medical facilities, and anyone who wants better health, performance and happiness.  Kelly also works with a number of college sports teams to help them bring their performance to the next level.

Check out these 5 tips from Kelly on how to bring your A-game all season long.

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Top 5 FIL Prospects

If someone were to put all of the names of the players at the FIL and picked out 20 names at random no doubt they would have put together an all-star team, there was that much talent! Headlines were made and a few players stole the show which is why I’ve listed the Top 5 UNCOMMITTED prospects from last weeks tournament.

In no particular order the top 5 are:

Jake Bernhardt, USA

High School: Lake Brantley, Fla.

Committed to: Marylandimgres-1

Does it seem like Jared plays with the IQ of Jake Bernhardt and the athleticism of Jesse Bernhardt? It should, because he is their younger brother. Last week Jared posted 15 points for Team USA and set up the game winning goal against Canada. He was also named the FIL U-19 Tournament MVP, Best Midfielder, and  FIL All-Tournament Team. Some say that he’ll see immediate playing time at Maryland.

Tehoka Nanticoke, Iroquois

High School: IMG Academy, Fla.

Committed to: Albany


If you haven’t heard of Tehoka yet get with the times. 75% of the highlights that came from this tournament were of this guy. A native to the Onondaga reservation, Tehoka packed his bags and moved down south to play for IMG where he’s TOYING with kids. He was named FIL U-19 Best Attackman and FIL All Tournament Team. He’ll try to become the next Lyle Thompson (or better) at Albany in 2017.

Michael Sowers, USA

High School: Upper Dublin, PA.

Committed to: Princeton


Sowers was predicted to have an explosive tournament, and with 22 points (11 goals, 11 assists) he did just that. He teammate Alex Roesner with the most points for Team USA and he scored 1 goal and added 2 assists to beat Canada in the title game. He was named to the FIL All Tournament Team. Sowers is also believed to currently hold the record for most assists in the history of high school lacrosse.

Kyle Hebert, Canada

High School: St. Michael’s College School, Ont.

Committed to: Stony Brook


Hebert came up huge several times to help Canada advance to the title game. He has a special talent for positioning his body and he can throw DIMES. Against Team USA Hebert held his own while recording 11 saves against some of the top attackmen in the world. He was named U-19 Best Goalie and FIL All-Tournament Team. Good luck to anyone who tries to sneak one past Hebert while he’s a Seawolf.

Jeff Teat, Canada

High School: The Hill Academy, Ont.

Committed to: Cornell


After the year Jeff Teat has had I would expect him to be on the front of a Wheaties box soon. After scoring 28 points (15 goals, 13 assists) you would’ve thought Teat was worthy of some kind of accolade, but he was still the go to guy for Canada. Every play, even the small ones, started with Teat. He’ll look to redeem himself in a couple months at Cornell.


Iroquois Razzle ‘n’ Dazzle for Bronze

In the shadows of Team USA and Team Canada playing for gold was a highly explosive Iroquois National team that was moving the ball in and out of their sticks every way imaginable to defeat the Australians for bronze.

The Nationals fell short in the semifinal round losing to Team Canada by a score of 14-11, but they didn’t go down with a fight. Jaw dropping plays from the Nationals seemed to be popping up every 30 minutes on social media.

In the past, the team has fielded some pretty special talent with the Thompson brothers, Zach Miller, and Randy Staats. However, there is a new wave of talent that lead the charge.

A few notable players on the team are:

Douglas Jamieson

Doug was definitely one of the bigger players this weekend, and I mean that literally. With a 6’3″ 240lb frame this guy bullied everyone at the “X”. He played a huge part in getting the ball into his teammates sticks by winning 40 out of 54 draws in the tournament.   Doug has just finished his two years at Onondaga Community College and plans on entering the NLL draft.

Tehoka Nanticoke

Tehoka quickly became a fan favorite with his lacrosse wizardry. Over and over again this guy found amazing ways to put the  ball in the back of the net. With 20 points for the week he was named the FIL positional MVP for attack,and he was named to the world team. Soon he will be finishing his last year at IMG Academy before heading up to the University of Albany where he joins former teammates Colin Lyons and Cougar Kirby.

Austin Staats

Leading the Blue division with 21 points (13 goals, 8 assists) and scrapping his way to the top was Austin Staats, the younger brother of Randy Staats. Austin was not afraid to get his hands dirty and draw a few penalties for his team. Austin scored three goals while playing against Team USA, and he was named to the World team. This fall Austin will be playing for OCC.

Other notable players are Matthew Bennett, Sekwanee Baker, and Mitch Laffin.




Big 4 HHH Prodigies Powered by Under Armour

The very best players of the class of 2019 have been invited to train with the nations top coaches, compete against elite players, and showcase their talent in front of NCAA coaches at Under Armour’s Headquarters in Baltimore. Players were selected based on recommendations from NCAA and club coaches for the event that took place June 27-29, 2016.

As if the event wasn’t already stacked with outstanding players, here are a few STANDOUT players from the class of 2019.

Jordan Anderson, M, Australia, Lakers Select (MN), Prior Lake High School

Jordan is strong and powerful player who is very fun to watch. Her great stick skills make her good on the draw. She is able to win it down the line easily and get it to herself, which is very dangerous, especially in girl’s lacrosse. If you win the draw it becomes make it take it.

Olivia Dirks, M, USA, Phantastix, Episcopal Academy

Olivia is newer to lacrosse than others being a big soccer player, but that does not stop her from standing out on the lacrosse field. She is super fast and awesome on the draw. Her speed and natural athleticism makes her dangerous in the midfield with the ability to create a lot of fast breaks.

Emily Wills, A, USA, Ultimate, Mt. St. Joseph’s

Emily is a strong left attacker and is very quick inside the 8. She is fun to watch because she is strong with her dodges but also very soft with finesse inside when there’s pressure on her so she’s able to put away a lot of shots when she gets double-teamed. Emily also plays behind the net. Being fast and powerful allows her to trick people out behind there.


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Standouts from Big 4HHH UA Prodigies

Big 4 HHH’s Under Armour Prodigies event is by invite only, making it extremely exclusive and elite. Players have the opportunity to be seen and coached by some of the best college coaches in the country, as well as play against top competition. This list only includes a few of the many elite players showcased at this event.

Class of 2019

Anna Griffith, M, Jamaica, Steps Elite NJ Blue / Summit High School, NJ

It seemed like Anna was all over the field at once. She was constantly around the play, causing turnovers and making plays. Her scrappiness and work ethic really made her shine. Anna was a true leader on the field in not only keeping the energy up with her constant communication but also led things down on the offensive end with tempo and playmaking.

Chloe Schaeffer, M, Ireland, Eastern Shore / Cape Henlopen High School

Chloe was scrappy and athletic, but her stick skills really made her stand out. She consistently got her hands free while driving which also enabled her to make awesome feeds and powerfully, well-placed shots. She created a ton of opportunities not only for herself, but for her teammates as well.

Class of 2020

Haley Hunt, G, USA

Haley was just so much fun to watch. She was always active, which made her lethal. She wasn’t afraid to come out of the cage and it allowed her to make a ton of interceptions, as well as being super involved on the clear. If she stepped out of the crease to make a clear she could easily dodge low attackers trying to ride her and her ability to clear on the run caused her to make a ton of fast break opportunities for her team.