5 Reasons Why Lacrosse is the Fastest Growing Sport in America

“It’s a virus in a good way. Once you pick up a stick, you’re with it for life.” – David Gross, Commissioner of Major League Lacrosse


Lacrosse is at the top of the list of fastest growing sports in America, but why? As one of the oldest sports in the country, why now has it started to expand so rapidly?


5 Reasons Why Lacrosse is the Fastest Growing Sport in America:


1. Four-Year Colleges are Starting to Catch On

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Over 70 four-year colleges started varsity lacrosse teams within the last 2 years, and 50 more are slated to start by the 2019 season.


2. The Feeder System is Growing

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Lacrosse has been the fastest growing sport at the High School level for over a decade, but the fast five years have been huge. No other High School sport topped the 10% mark for growth in the past five years.


3. Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

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“It’s fun to practice, just have a catch, to throw against a wall by yourself. Any body size can play. You don’t have to be 7-feet tall to play the game, we’ll find a place for you on the field. It’s perfect.” – David Gross, Commissioner of MLL


4. Moving West

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While traditionally the sport has been popular in the northeast, the rest of the country is seeing large spikes in growth. Denver was the first Men’s Division I Lacrosse team not within the Eastern timezone, and since then many other schools in the midwest and west coast have installed varsity programs.


5. Growing Professionally 

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Although the professional level is growing much less rapidly than the lower levels of lacrosse, the MLL has plans to expand to 16 teams within the next 10 years.


Source: http://www.boston.com/sponsored/2016/04/12/lax-attack-lacrosse-continues-explode-across-sports-landscape/QEN7fY443eumKIbUfp2FpO/story.html

How to: The “Time and Room” Shot

We’ve all seen it, maybe even done it.  Your defender is late with the slide.  You crank back and let it fly, the ball skims the goalie’s ear and slides just under the pipe, that crazy equalizer goal.  These are the types of goals that change the entire momentum of a game and get us amped.  There’s an entire science behind the shot.

When watching someone take the shot, it looks like it’s all in the arms.  However, your entire body needs to work together in order to execute the Time and Room shot and put one in the back of the net when you need it the most.  Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

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5 Nutritional Tips on How to Dominate (All Season Long)

Nutrition equals performance, and nobody knows that better than Kelly Springer.  She is a registered dietician and owner of Kelly’s Choice, a collective of registered dietitians, nutritionists and educators who are dedicated to improving our communities by transforming diets. They offer customized nutrition coaching programs for schools, workplaces, medical facilities, and anyone who wants better health, performance and happiness.  Kelly also works with a number of college sports teams to help them bring their performance to the next level.

Check out these 5 tips from Kelly on how to bring your A-game all season long.

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Tips for the Traveling Laxer

Summer is finally here, and with it comes recruiting season.  You travel all over the place to attend various tournaments and showcases, hoping to catch the eye of a coach.  As you get more serious about your recruiting process, you undoubtedly also make college visits to check out schools that interest you and sit down with coaches face to face.

For those of you that intend to fly to your destination, you know it can be pretty difficult for a lacrosse player to make the trip.  Here are a few tips that can make that flight easier and allow you to be your best when you reach the gate.

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Ben Reeves’ Guide to Dangling Defenders

Attackman Ben Reeves of Yale men’s lacrosse was crowned Ivy League Rookie of the Year as a freshman and tallied 35 goals and 26 assists to rank 7th nationally (4.96 points per game) as a sophomore.  It’s pretty safe to say the guy knows a thing or two on beating a defender and putting the ball in the net, especially after having to match up against All-American defenseman Michael Quinn for two years.  Here’s a few of Reeves’ tips on how to carry the ball and read the defense from multiple angles. Continue reading…

Tricky, Tricky

Trick shots have become more popular in recent years. These shots are not only being used in the backyards of kids across the country, but in college lacrosse and the MLL. The Thompson Brothers brought their crazy style to the collegiate main stage when they played for UAlbany. The goals they scored continued to shock and awe each and every time. How they came up with a lot of those, I will never know. But, how they actually perfected these shots and had the confidence to shoot them during games, truly made my jaw drop.

I feel like every camp I’ve attended or coached at in recent years always has a portion of camp designated to stick tricks. Maybe all camps have stick tricks because it’s easy to teach or because it’s fun for the kids, but it’s always one of my favorite parts. Some people think it’s silly to practice stick tricks or shots when kids can be practicing in other ways, but it’s no coincidence that most of the best college and professional players can do some pretty sweet and creative tricks.

Abe Lemons, a college basketball coach from the 20th century, said, “I don’t have any tricky plays, I’d rather have tricky players.” Trick shots and plays show not only creativity, but a love for the game. Only a player who truly loves lacrosse practices silly little tricks that they may never need in a game.


National Wall Ball Challenge

US Lacrosse kickstarted a National Wall Ball Challenge, running for a 10-week period beginning on June 13 and ending on August 20.  The goal of the challenge is to create support for the First Stick Program and to help improve individual stick skills.  The First Stick Program provides equipment to new players and helps grow the game.

SNYPR developed an app that tracks the number of repetitions that players complete during a wall ball session.  These numbers appear on regional and national leaderboards.  The ultimate goal is to reach 10,000 reps, for which a player is awarded a certificate of success.

Participants in the challenge recruit sponsors to provide donations on a per rep or flat rate basis.  All proceeds go towards the First Stick Program.

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A Laxer’s Guide: 8 Ways to Beat the Heat

The summer season is literally heating up and you have to play at your best in front of hundreds of coaches ALL day…what do you do to keep your cool?

Well, player safety is key so taking of your pads won’t help, but we’ve thought of  EIGHT ways to MAXIMIZE your performance!

1.) Dress for Success – Wear light colored Dri-fit clothing and make sure you bring extras! Wet clothes contain heat and increase body temperature.

2.)  Let ’em Breath – Wet pads can have the same effect as wet clothes, so putting them in the sun between games is an efficient way to keep them dry and prevents you from becoming the smelly kid.

3.) Drink, Sip, Chug –  Drink AT LEAST 16oz. of water or your favorite sports drink in the morning. If you’re playing for an hour or less you should sip 4-8oz. of water every 15 minutes during play. And if you’re playing all day you should switch between water and a sports drink every 15 minutes. After the day is over you should drink half a gallon of water before going to bed.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Game Over the Summer

After the spring season ends, players tend to leave their training up to their club coaches. Not only is summer lacrosse poisoning the lacrosse IQ of young players but also their work ethic. Summer is the time to train and prove to your school coaches that you are ready to take that starting spot next spring. So here are 5 ways you can DRASTICALLY improve your game over the summer.

  1. Never shoot alone! Practicing your shot is one of the, if not, most important aspect of the game. Start a group chat with some guys on your team. Running around and practicing multiple shots off of feeds helps you with muscle memory and goal awareness when it comes to game time. Also try and find a goalie, they can help you the most on how to hide your shoulders and explode towards the net.
  2. Find a Wall! I can name at least four places that I know have giant concrete walls… THEY’RE EVERYWHERE. They are really meant for tennis players, but make for a perfect place for lacrosse players! 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week is all it takes to take your stick skills to the NEXT level. 50 righty/lefty, 50 righty/lefty on the move, 50 switching hands, and if you’re not too lazy, 25 behind the back.
  3. Lifting. For some players (much like myself) this could be the difference between riding the bench junior year to being a key starter your senior year. Lifting 3 times a week is the EASIEST routine to get into. Focusing on core strength exercises, shoulders, and back can greatly improve your; shot speed, first push on defense, and overall physical dominance. And don’t forget about LEG DAY!
  4. RUNNING! This is another off-season necessity that can easily be turned into a weekly routine, especially if you can find a buddy to run with. Running a mile or two keeps you in shape, sure, but it’s the uphill sprints and footwork drills that will WOW you next time you step on the lacrosse field.
  5. NEVER let your stick get dusty. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t stay away from my stick. There are sticks all around the house that I can just pick up and fiddle around with. Having a stick in your hand and getting comfortable with it is very important. Just having it in your hand will make you want to have a catch or go shoot. As long as you don’t break anything in the house, this will have you thinking about practicing ALOT more.

COMMENT BELOW with other tips that I may have missed, otherwise get off the couch and get to a field!