NELAXBlog Write-Up on ConnectLAX: Uniting the Lacrosse Community


ConnectLax is a company whose goal is to unite the lacrosse community. They achieve this through their website, There, you are able to browse their camp directory and club team lists, as well as find lacrosse instructors for private lessons. ConnectLax was started by Gage and Nick. Both of these guys come from different lacrosse backgrounds, but both have the goal of connecting the lacrosse community. Gage grew up in Indiana and played club ball in college, where Nick grew up in upstate New York and played Division I lacrosse in college.

The idea of ConnectLax came about because of the growth of lacrosse outside of the Northeast. With so many new high schools and colleges starting lacrosse all over the country, there had to be a place where players can get the private instruction to grow as a lacrosse player and get information about these new programs. ConnectLax helps players and parents through this process. They also help former players either become or stay engaged in the lacrosse community through private lessons. Who better to teach lacrosse than a former lacrosse player? The lacrosse community is tight knit, and most players want to pass on their knowledge of the game; what better way of passing on that knowledge then through private lessons?

The lacrosse community has had a very positive response towards ConnectLax. ConnectLax did a LaxTour this summer, and they were also hosted by Major League Lacrosse teams. On their LaxTour, they talked with parents, players and instructors. A positive that most people liked was that ConnectLax is trying to organize the sport, meaning they have one platform to search for instructors, clinics, camps and club teams. Having to look in one place instead of cross-referencing multiple websites is most efficient. People in the lacrosse community also like that they screen and run background checks on all of their instructors.

ConnectLax is growing. As of today, they have nearly 200 instructors across the country; they would like to have 500 instructors by the end of the year. Their LaxTour has helped them in this effort. They are also launching a recruit match service this month. Through this service, they will help players manage their player “lifecycle.” They are already a source to find instructors and camps and now they want to help players choose the right colleges. The biggest piece that ConnectLax wants players to understand is that college is a 40-year not a 4-year decision. Their service will allow players to compare colleges based on location, education, social and financial parameters and then allow them to connect with the coaches through their free recruiting profile. As of now, ConnectLax has 1,280 schools in their database. Helping the player through their “lifecycle” is a goal of ConnectLax. They want to help players from their youth development (private lessons) into the right competitive camps, then onto club teams and now college recruiting. They want to help players create a separate profile from their social media profile.

Overall, ConnectLax has a great goal and they seem to be heading in the right direction. Make sure to check out their website,, and create a player profile. Also make sure to check their recruit match service launching this month.


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