Potential is Overrated


I revisited an article from a while back on the Forbes website. The title reads, “Grit, Grades, and Lacrosse: How To Cradle Your Way Into Elite Colleges”. We all know what opportunities being a successful student-athlete can generate, especially if you’re a laxer. But let’s think about the word ‘grit’ for a second. According to dictionary.com, a definition of grit is “indomitable spirit”.

Now, I’ve watched youth lacrosse from all over the country. While the rising hotbeds have potential to foster great players, the traditional hotbeds continue to develop powerhouse college players. I can’t speak for the kids in states such as New York and Pennsylvania being a Connecticut native and all, but I always felt from playing against them that they fell lacrosse isn’t just a fun sport. It’s an extension of themselves. It’s a piece of them. I would say those kids have grit if it wasn’t for our friends just north of us. Canadians play lacrosse with such a chip on their shoulder that you would have thought you insulted their family prior to the game. I’m guessing that comes from playing years of box lacrosse, but unless your ready to move north of the border for a couple years you’re going to have to find a way to match their indomitable spirit.

For the most part, everyone who plays this sport has equal potential to be the player they want. So what makes potential so great? When someone says that you have real potential to play in college, what they’re saying is you’re just like everyone else. You’re average. But you’re only average if you accept potential as your end result. Learn to replace potential with trophies, what-if’s with remember-when’s. The success that you want is earned every single day, because you can’t have grit just for game-day, or a couple hours out at practice.

If being a star on the field is your goal, it’s time to evaluate your daily routine. For starters, replace something you feel guilty doing with something you feel productive doing. For example, you could check out one of our Book Break articles to see how you can squeeze in a drill between homework assignments.

‘Indomitable Spirit’. What does this mean to you? What have you taken on or given up to make yourself a better person? Hit it up… @ConnectLAX



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