Thanksgiving Throwdown: Generation Grudgematch


There are a lot of awesome things about Thanksgiving. Football, food and of course, beating on your siblings in the backyard. It’s fun to see the game played across generations and genders and still somehow make sense. The rules are simple, take everything back and lose a point if you hit the dog with a bad pass.

Oh and it’s referee by committee, nothing like seeing your 8 year old sister rip into her dad for a bad pass that cost them. It’s also great how somehow the same team wins every year, yet it’s always close.

This year Christmas came early as 33plays sent over a backyard net system for our annual thanksgiving throwdown. The winners we’re clear, the youngest brother who inevitably has to chase down most balls and our neighbors, who were able to walk by their windows without looking out for a shot gone awry.

The nets were easy to set up and best of all, they flexed back when you fell into them, so body checks were still allowed behind the cage. Lacrosse is predominately a northeast sport and the northeast is predominately filled with trees. Translation, balls disappear, a lot. The net helped a lot so we could focus on our game instead of arguing about who had to chase balls. More time playing, less time chasing.

Back to the game, per usual, it broke down into two point shots with no one daring to run through the teeth of the defense, even if it was made up of teen and pre-teen girls and a dad with a wooden stick. The win was secured with a long 5-hole role shot and the losers did the traditional 20 push-ups. Sweet, sweet victory.

I also noticed that anyone who uses a goal protector like our black and white menacing dude is shooting for the corners, which is what you should be doing anyway. Shooting for corners obviously means more balls are just missing the cage than going down the center. Our net was perfect for catching these near misses. Thanks again to John Griffin at 33plays, check them out at And enjoy your holiday.



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