Recruiting Advice from Instructor Charles Giunta


As a senior in high school, Charles was heavily recruited, and had played along side of players who had the opportunity to play for Duke, Denver, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio State, Army, Navy, and Bryant. Charles began his college career by playing as a starting defenseman. He continues to work and focus on very specific details and will do whatever it takes to be best player he can be. He takes this mentality from the field to his coaching abilities. See what he has to say about his personal recruiting experience.

Where do you play college lacrosse and why did you choose that program?
I play lacrosse at Saint Joseph’s University under head coach Taylor Wray. For me personally, I chose Saint Joe’s because for many different reasons. First and foremost, the coaching staff blew me away. Their vision to create a top tier Division 1 program was remarkable and I felt as though I fit in perfectly with how they wanted to get their. Another reason was that the school has a great reputation for having top academic programs. The last reason was that I got to stay close to home while also playing Division 1 lacrosse.
What other colleges did you consider and what was the determining factor in your decision?
I visited many schools including Hofstra, High Point, Lehigh, Penn, and St. John’s but ultimately it came down to Monmouth and Saint Joe’s for me. They all impressed me in their own unique ways but I felt as though Saint Joe’s had the total package.

Did you have any positive or negative surprises about the program once you were on campus?
I had one major surprise and I noticed it almost as soon as I stepped on campus: how serious the athletic department was about creating a top lacrosse program. I had always heard that Saint Joes was never a serious lacrosse program until Coach Wray came in and completely revamped the program. His impact in only a short amount of time was defiantly a huge surprise for me.

How did being a collegiate student-athlete shape your college experience?
My experience as a college athlete, though its difficult at times, is 100% worth it. I love to compete every single day with all of my best friends whether in on the field, on the track, or in the weight room and Division 1 lacrosse allows me to do so. Also I’ve always felt that without the structure of lacrosse, I would not be as motivated to put my best foot forward in school and lacrosse forces me to do so.

Given your recruiting experience, what advice or tips do you have for current recruits?
My recruiting experience was long and really challenging at points. For me, it tested my character as well as my mental and emotional toughness. To any athlete that is going through the process currently I would say don’t sweat it. Everything works out in the end. If you go out and play your hardest every game and take full opportunity of the advantages in front of you, their is no reason why things can’t and won’t work out.


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