NYC Mayor’s Cup Recap


From May 30-31 New York City’s finest lacrosse players were showcased at the NYC Mayor’s Cup at Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn. The high school athletes were broken up into teams based on their high school’s affiliation: Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL), Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) and independent schools.

On Sunday May 31st, both the Boys and Girls championship games took place.

The first championship game ended with an 18-7 dominating win for the Independent Girls over the PSAL Girls team. The MVP of the game was Julia Massaro (Stanford commit) with three goals and two assists. Morgan Dougherty (Washington and Lee commit) and Grace Bell (Vanderbilt commit) added to the overwhelming offensive presence for the Independent Girls in their romp of the PSAL team. The PSAL team although outnumbered in college commits, did have their own utilize their fire power during the game. Nicole Barbella (Georgian Court University commit) scored a goal while Monica Riskevich added two late in the game. However, it was the MVP who sealed the deal with the last goal of the game.

Independent School Girls 18 def. PSAL Girls 7

MVP: Julia Massaro (Rye Country Day/Stanford University)

Scoring Summary:
1st Half:
(IND) 24:32 goal by #29 Grace Bell (Poly Prep) assisted by #12 Alex Schein (Dalton)
(IND) 23:15 goal by #28 Morgan Dougherty (Convent of the Sacred Heart)
(PSAL) 21:30 goal by #6 Nicole Barbella (Tottenville)
(IND) 20:59 goal by #13 Shai Goodman (Fieldston) assisted by #4 Julia Massaro (Rye Country Day)
(IND) 19:58 goal by #8 Jane Kleiner (Poly Prep) assisted by Alex Schein
(PSAL) 19:14 goal by #7 Samantha Caruselle (Tottenville)
(PSAL) 16:30 goal by #10 Monica Gorlinsha (Brooklyn Tech)
(IND) 15:40 goal by Grace Bell
(IND) 13:59 goal by #16 Ella Boublik (Trinity)
(IND) 13:27 goal by Morgan Dougherty assisted by Grace Bell
(IND) 12:33 goal by Ella Boublik
(IND) 10:36 goal by Julia Massaro (Rye Country Day)
(IND) 10:16 goal by Morgan Dougherty assisted by Shai Goodman
(IND) 6:58 goal by Shai Goodman
(IND) 4:04 goal by Grace Bell assisted by Shai Goodman
(PSAL) 0:11 goal by #8 Cynthia Chu (Brooklyn Tech)

Second Half:
(IND) 22:38 goal by #3 Amanda Rosenstein (Hackley)
(IND) 20:20 goal by Julia Massaro assisted by Amanda Rosenstein
(IND) 18:23 goal by Ella Boublik assisted by Shai Goodman
(PSAL) 15:29 goal by #18 Jade Banham (James Madison HS)
(IND) 11:56 goal by #7 Mairead Gormley (Poly Prep)
(IND) 9:53 goal by Shai Goodman assisted by Julia Massaro
(PSAL) 7:59 goal by #14 Monica Riskevich (Midwood)
(PSAL) 5:48 goal by Monica Riskevich
(IND) 1:53 goal by Julia Massaro

The primetime game of Sunday was the NYC boys championship game. The CHSAA team was going to be down a few players due to their Iona Prep Allstars playing in the New York State championship. The game’s first half was highlighted by the outstanding goaltending by Paul Schwarz (Anna Maria commit). Schwarz had a 6 save first quarter and a solid second half leading into the break. The CHSAA coach then made a grave mistake by taking out his net minder which lead to the team’s demise. The second half was controlled by the Independent Boys and their sharp shooters. From the beginning of the game two standouts were, Cornell commit, Sam Welch and Tufts commit James Firpo as they worked the ball around elegantly and added some points on the board. However, it was Riley van den Broek (Williams commit) who stole the show with 5 goals and 1 assist to become the game’s MVP.

Boys Championship Game Results
Sunday, May 31

Independent School Boys 14def. CHSAA Boys 9

MVP: Riley van den Broek(Rye Country Day)

Scoring Summary:
1st Quarter:
(IND) 9:16 goal by #32 James Firpo (Hackley)
(IND) 7:39 goal by #8 Colin Shea (Horace Mann)

2nd Quarter:
(CHSAA) 9:24 goal by #22 Vito Barraco (St. Joseph by-the-Sea)
(IND) 9:06 goal by Colin Shea assisted by #1 Chris White (Fieldston)
(CHSAA) 7:41 goal by #19 Jeff Perez (Cardinal Hayes) assisted by #2 Chris Wilson (Cardinal Spellman)
(CHSAA) 7:20 goal by Vito Barraco
(CHSAA) 3:22 goal by #10 Will Randell (Fordham Prep)

3rd Quarter:
(IND) 10:00 goal by #5 Sam Welch (Hackley)
(CHSAA) 9:11 goal by #12 Roberto Rivera (St. Raymond) assisted by Vito Barraco
(IND) 7:08 goal by Colin Shea
(IND) 5:35 goal by #17 Riley van den Broek(Rye Country Day) assisted by Colin Shea
(CHSAA) 4:23 goal by Vito Barraco
(IND) 2:13 goal by Riley van den Broek
(IND) 1:30 goal by Sam Welch

4th Quarter:
(IND) 10:28 goal by Will Halloran (Rye Country Day) assisted by Chris White
(CHSAA) 10:07 goal by #21 Chris Kownacki (Iona Prep)
(IND) 9:03 goal by Chris White assisted by Riley van den Broek.
(CHSAA) 8:14 goal by #11 Eamon Coughlin (Fordham Prep)
(IND) 6:39 goal by James Firpo
(CHSAA) 4:17 goal by Chris Wilson
(IND) 3:54 goal by Riley van den Broek
(IND) 2:08 goal by Riley van den Broek

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