Potential Shot Clock Coming Soon to Women’s Lacrosse


The discussion over having a shot clock at the collegiate level for Women’s Lacrosse has been an ongoing topic for some time.  Recently, in the June 1st-3rd meetings in Indianapolis, the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Rules Committee, highly suggested the implementation of the shot clock rule to not only increase the pace of the game but, to also limit the abuse of stalling and shaving time off the clock.

The rule would create a 90-second time period for the offensive team to get a shot off on goal.  If there is no shot taken within that time period, possession will be changed over to the opposing team at the place where time ran out.

The clock will be reset any time a goalie deflects a shot or the ball hits off of the post.  The clock will also be reset any time a defender receives a yellow or red card, in addition to any change of possession during play.  The clock will continue to run down to zero if a shot goes wide or over the net.

Some colleges and universities have been open about their support for the rule change including Syracuse University, who endured almost 3 minutes of stalling from Northwestern in the 2012 final game. Many supporters make the point that the rule would not only increase the intensity and play of the game, but also make watching the sport much more enjoyable, with less standstill play and more fast-paced action. The recent match-up between UNC and Syracuse in the 2015 ACC Championship shows the expectations of how quickly shots should be taken at the higher level.

The Committee hopes for this rule to be approved during the July 16th Conference with the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel.  If this change in the game is approved, it will be established at the D1 level in 2017, and the D2 and D3 levels in 2018.



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