Should Girls Wear Helmets?


Boys lacrosse has been wearing helmets for as long as we can remember; however, the only player on the field wearing a helmet in girls lacrosse is the goalie. Even though boys lacrosse has more contact, there is an extremely high rate of concussions in girls lacrosse (5th highest rate in high school sports), where players are only required to wear a mouthguard and protective goggles.

In 2015, Florida was the first state to require protective headgear for girls. Many people applauded Florida’s decision and responsibility in protecting their female athletes, but the same number of people disapproved of Florida’s call for helmets saying the decision was irresponsible and may cause for the sport to become more aggressive in the years to come. The required headgear in Florida is a ten-millimeter headband that only covers part of a player’s head, so to call it a helmet is a little far.

What do you think? Should girls be required to wear helmets? Click title to comment.


  1. I think it’s probably a good idea due to the concussion rate, which is higher than I thought. But I would HATE to wear one when I play.


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