Hoo Will Be Next to Coach UVA?


Excuse the pun, but the lax community is dying to know who will take over at the University of Virginia! It won’t be easy to replace the man they nicknamed “The Institution”, but UVA might have a few tricks up their sleeve…

The first candidate is Matt Brown, assistant coach for the Denver Pioneers. This young buck has proved to be a great player and an offensive genius, producing TWO Tewaaraton Award finalists in Wes Berg and Connor Cannizzaro.

Next up is Andy Shay, head coach for the Yale Bulldogs. In the past 6 years he’s averaged 10 wins per season, and he brought his 13-2 team to the playoffs this year after winning the Ivy League Tournament.

As a former captain of Starsia, Lars Tiffany,  the head coach of Brown, was also thrown in the mix. As the oldest candidate, Tiffany has an outstanding track record in the Ivy League, and he knows how to SCORE.

Last but not least is UVA assistant coach, Marc Van Arsdale. Unlike the rest of the UVA coaching staff that was terminated this year, Van Arsdale was an administrative General Faculty member. His contract expires June 1, 2017, two days after the NCAA tournament…suspicious, no?

Who do YOU think will be the HEAD COACH for UVA? Comment Below. 


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