Le Moyne Gets Their Biscuit


A wise man once said, “You gotta risk it, to get the biscuit”. And to an outsider that might have seemed like Le Moyne’s motto going into the championship game. However, coach Dan Sheehan says his team used TRUST, not risky behavior.

Before the final game of the 2016 season coach Sheehan reinforced the idea to his players that they were going to make Limestone play a full sixty minutes of Dolphin lacrosse.

“We don’t watch a drop of film when we step foot in Philadelphia, because it’s really got nothing to do with the guys in the locker room that way.” Sheehan said, pointing to Limestone’s side of the hallway. “Our recipe says it has everything to do with the guys in the locker room on that side.”

-Dan Sheehan

Sheehan’s riskiest move was covering the DII player of the year, Mike Messenger , with a short stick defenseman (Messenger averaged 4.75 goals a game). This was also one of the biggest payoffs for the Dolphins as their own Kyle DeAngelis held Messenger to just one goal.


“In my opinion, the most outstanding player without question of today’s game is No. 17, Kyle DeAngelis. We covered the best player in Division II with a shortstick,” Sheehan said. “Our program is built around shortstick defensive midfielders. You can watch the games tomorrow and success or failures are going to happen on the shoulders of two guys on the field in your defensive end — 99% of the time.”

-Dan Sheehan

Sheehan also started Kendall Vecchio at the X (Vecchio took less than 1/3 of the Dolphin’s face-offs all season), who went on to win 8 out of 12 draws against the DII specialist of the year. And on top of that, Sheehan gave Cade Kelleher, a junior attackman, his second start of the season.

“You know, I ride these guys really hard. It’s nothing brilliant. It’s more real world. We have a pursuit of excellence. If they do something well, I want it better…”

-Dan Sheehan




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