A Laxer’s Guide: 8 Ways to Beat the Heat


The summer season is literally heating up and you have to play at your best in front of hundreds of coaches ALL day…what do you do to keep your cool?

Well, player safety is key so taking of your pads won’t help, but we’ve thought of  EIGHT ways to MAXIMIZE your performance!

1.) Dress for Success – Wear light colored Dri-fit clothing and make sure you bring extras! Wet clothes contain heat and increase body temperature.

2.)  Let ’em Breath – Wet pads can have the same effect as wet clothes, so putting them in the sun between games is an efficient way to keep them dry and prevents you from becoming the smelly kid.

3.) Drink, Sip, Chug –  Drink AT LEAST 16oz. of water or your favorite sports drink in the morning. If you’re playing for an hour or less you should sip 4-8oz. of water every 15 minutes during play. And if you’re playing all day you should switch between water and a sports drink every 15 minutes. After the day is over you should drink half a gallon of water before going to bed.

4.) Eat Your Wheaties – AVOID raw fruits with skin, jelly, and carbs in the morning. Raw fruits such as apples and pears take too long to digest, and jelly/carbs burn off too fast! You want to start your day off with proteins such as eggs, turkey, and a banana to give you long lasting energy. Through out the day you can replenish lost electrolytes with nuts, granola bars, cheese, and pretzels. And for lunch you can have PIZZA! As long as it’s not greasy and loaded with toppings, pizza is a balanced meal for athletes.

5.) Pitch a Tent – Bring a shade canopy and set up shop! Two or three of these bad boys and you can house your entire team. Getting out of direct sunlight can keep you cool and protect your skin. Sunglasses can also reduce the chance of getting headaches from squinting.

6.) Bring a Towel – Bring a cooler full of ice and wet towels to put on your neck, wrist, and ankles. These are the parts of your body where blood vessels get closest to your skin.

7.) Master Your “Chi” – Joining a yoga class has numerous benefits, but effective stretching before and after a game can break down lactic acids and reduce cramping. If you’re too busy for yoga regular stretching will do!

8.) Come Here Often? – Acclimating yourself to the heat is KEY! Working out or running outside for two weeks prior to your competition ensures that your body can adjust faster. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. is prime time to build up your tolerance.

How do you “Beat the Heat”!? Comment Below. 


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