NCAA Women’s Lacrosse is Adding a 90-Second Shot Clock


A visible 90-second possession clock is coming to NCAA women’s lacrosse competition.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved adding a possession clock in the sport by the 2017 season in Division I, and by 2018 in Divisions II and III.

Delaying the implementation of the possession clock is warranted because it provides schools time to budget for any financial implications. The Women’s Lacrosse Rules Committee is recommending using two clocks, one on each end of the field. However, one clock located at the scorer’s table will also be allowed.

Under the 90-second possession clock rule, the offensive team must register a shot within that window or the opposition will be awarded the ball at its location on the field when time expired.

What do you think of this addition?

The clock will be reset on a shot that is deflected by the goalkeeper or on a shot that hits the piping on the goal. The clock will also reset on all changes of possession and when any card has been issued to the team without possession.

The possession clock will keep counting down toward zero on shots that go wide or high of the goal.

The rules committee hopes the new rule limits the abuse of clock management and increases the pace of play.


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