National Wall Ball Challenge


US Lacrosse kickstarted a National Wall Ball Challenge, running for a 10-week period beginning on June 13 and ending on August 20.  The goal of the challenge is to create support for the First Stick Program and to help improve individual stick skills.  The First Stick Program provides equipment to new players and helps grow the game.

SNYPR developed an app that tracks the number of repetitions that players complete during a wall ball session.  These numbers appear on regional and national leaderboards.  The ultimate goal is to reach 10,000 reps, for which a player is awarded a certificate of success.

Participants in the challenge recruit sponsors to provide donations on a per rep or flat rate basis.  All proceeds go towards the First Stick Program.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with US Lacrosse to develop a first of its-kind fundraising program that gamifies wall ball.  This is a win-win: Players get better playing wall ball while raising money to provide equipment for new players. Every player remembers that special connection to their first stick, and now SNYPR’s technology turns a player’s hard work into the gift of a first stick for others.”

-Doug Appleton, SNYPR CEO and co-founder

The app works similar to a pedometer or Fitbit.  A player must attach their phone to their upper right arm in order for their reps to be counted.  Players can use nearly anything to attach the phone to their arm.  Some options are a sock with the toe cut off, a soccer shin guard compression sleeve, or even the special sleeve made by SNYPR, which can be purchased on the US Lacrosse website here.

The best part is anyone can participate in the challenge (players under 13 need to provide parental consent).

Will YOU step up to the challenge?  Here are some wall ball routines from your favorite lax legends to help get you started!  Just click a name below.

Paul Rabil

Marcus Holman

Connor Martin

Kevin Crowley


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