Tricky, Tricky


Trick shots have become more popular in recent years. These shots are not only being used in the backyards of kids across the country, but in college lacrosse and the MLL. The Thompson Brothers brought their crazy style to the collegiate main stage when they played for UAlbany. The goals they scored continued to shock and awe each and every time. How they came up with a lot of those, I will never know. But, how they actually perfected these shots and had the confidence to shoot them during games, truly made my jaw drop.

I feel like every camp I’ve attended or coached at in recent years always has a portion of camp designated to stick tricks. Maybe all camps have stick tricks because it’s easy to teach or because it’s fun for the kids, but it’s always one of my favorite parts. Some people think it’s silly to practice stick tricks or shots when kids can be practicing in other ways, but it’s no coincidence that most of the best college and professional players can do some pretty sweet and creative tricks.

Abe Lemons, a college basketball coach from the 20th century, said, “I don’t have any tricky plays, I’d rather have tricky players.” Trick shots and plays show not only creativity, but a love for the game. Only a player who truly loves lacrosse practices silly little tricks that they may never need in a game.



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