Dear NCAA Lacrosse: Please Bring Back The Dive Shot


Paul Carcaterra spits fire about bringing back to dive shot to NCAA lacrosse after former Denver Pioneer turned Outlaw Wes Berg makes the play of the game…

Paul Carcaterra on the Dive Shot:

“Sweet. That’s a goal.

That is a SportsCenter Top 10 nominee for Wesley Berg.

Yeah, this is beautiful.

For the Pioneers, that might get wiped out. For Major League Lacrosse it’s a goal and a highlight.

This is what I would love to see the college game adopt, because I really haven’t seen too many players get injured with the dive.

Berg here loses his angle. This is just a fantastic move. And if the ball crosses the plane, who cares what happens? The plays dead. It’s a goal.

Who Cares if he lands in the crease? I wish the NCAA would adopt this rule. The dive is magic. Look at that! That is a thing of beauty.

Wesley Berg, a dominant right-handed player, loses his angle, and out of desperation, just dunks it with his left.”


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