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Playing for your country is an honor only a few athletes ever get the chance to have. With the 2016 Summer Olympics coming up, many athletes around the world are getting ready to compete for their country and demonstrate their patriotism. Ironically, US Lacrosse just announced 105 names of people that will be able to compete for a spot on next year’s women’s national team. Tryouts will be held in early August, when the names will be wilted down to 36 following the three day try-out. The 36 athletes will train and eventually only 18 will represent the US in next year’s campaign for the world title.

The youngest people trying out graduate from college in 2019 and the oldest person is Devon Willis, who graduated in 2006. The age difference between players could potentially be more than ten years. One of the youngest people trying out is Lindsey Ronbeck, an attacker from Florida who was named Rookie of the Year by Inside Lacrosse. Ronbeck started every single game her freshman season and was third in points on Florida. She also had four game winning goals, showing she can perform under immense pressure. Ronbeck won silver with the U-19 team at last summer’s games.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the tryouts is some players could be competing against their coaches or former coaches for a spot on the USA team. I’m sure it will be interesting and exciting for all to watch teammates, players, and coaches face-off like Kayla Treanor and Michelle Tumolo.

USA is fighting for its third consecutive world title and its eighth overall, and I have no doubt tryouts will be tough for all players involved.

See the full list of competitors here!


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