Down Under: Opportunities with the ALA


After one month of international play, Dan and Paul have been lighting up the stage with multiple points per game and leading Williamstown Lacrosse Club to a 3-0 start. After their third game, other American imports joined together with Dan and Paul and played a little USA vs. Australia matchup. Joined by Dan and Paul was Harvard defensemen Jack Breit who caught media attention this year after blasting a hole through the Yale goalie’s stick and scoring.

Many great players like Jack jump at the opportunity to play abroad and I think everyone should look into it. Dan and Paul have been working in a restaurant and a warehouse during the day and having practices and hanging out with their teammates in the club house at night. The two are staying with separate families that are a part of the Williamstown Lacrosse Club and have been more than enjoying their time with them.


                                                   Dan Murray (4) Paul Werner (2)

I think more lacrosse players should look into this AMAZING opportunity to experience an entire different realm of lacrosse and culture. CLICK CONTINUE READING to learn more about this opportunity and how they got started!

The summer of 2016 is in full effect, and so is the MLL going into its 9th week of the season. But for the seniors of college teams who were not drafted, lacrosse seems to be taking its imminent end as pick-up games and men’s summer leagues become the only option for competitive play.

Except for two New Jersey natives; Dan Murray, High Point University (my brother) and Paul Werner, Gettysburg College. They are former teammates at my alma mater Seton Hall Prep in West Orange, NJ. But after four years of competitive play at both High Point and Gettysburg, the two former teammates refuse to pass up one more chance of getting on the field together wearing the same jersey.

Last summer, High Point Alumni and Florida Launch defender Pat Farrell was given the opportunity to play lacrosse in the Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA). Although it is a minority sport, lacrosse in Australia dates back to 1876. Lacrosse organizations in Australia are structured quite differently, just imagine if teams like the Atlanta Blaze and New York Lizards had teams from the youth level through pro. It starts at Under 11 and once players are too old for Under 17, they try out for the senior level which has divisions 1, 2, 3 and state; state being the most competitive.

Pat Farrell reached out to current High Point players this year giving contacts and extending opportunities for players to travel abroad. Dan immediately jumped at the offer and got to bring his best friend along too. They are playing at the state level for Williamstown Lacrosse Club all summer and hopefully competing for a championship in September.



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