Top 5 FIL Prospects


If someone were to put all of the names of the players at the FIL and picked out 20 names at random no doubt they would have put together an all-star team, there was that much talent! Headlines were made and a few players stole the show which is why I’ve listed the Top 5 UNCOMMITTED prospects from last weeks tournament.

In no particular order the top 5 are:

Jake Bernhardt, USA

High School: Lake Brantley, Fla.

Committed to: Marylandimgres-1

Does it seem like Jared plays with the IQ of Jake Bernhardt and the athleticism of Jesse Bernhardt? It should, because he is their younger brother. Last week Jared posted 15 points for Team USA and set up the game winning goal against Canada. He was also named the FIL U-19 Tournament MVP, Best Midfielder, and  FIL All-Tournament Team. Some say that he’ll see immediate playing time at Maryland.

Tehoka Nanticoke, Iroquois

High School: IMG Academy, Fla.

Committed to: Albany


If you haven’t heard of Tehoka yet get with the times. 75% of the highlights that came from this tournament were of this guy. A native to the Onondaga reservation, Tehoka packed his bags and moved down south to play for IMG where he’s TOYING with kids. He was named FIL U-19 Best Attackman and FIL All Tournament Team. He’ll try to become the next Lyle Thompson (or better) at Albany in 2017.

Michael Sowers, USA

High School: Upper Dublin, PA.

Committed to: Princeton


Sowers was predicted to have an explosive tournament, and with 22 points (11 goals, 11 assists) he did just that. He teammate Alex Roesner with the most points for Team USA and he scored 1 goal and added 2 assists to beat Canada in the title game. He was named to the FIL All Tournament Team. Sowers is also believed to currently hold the record for most assists in the history of high school lacrosse.

Kyle Hebert, Canada

High School: St. Michael’s College School, Ont.

Committed to: Stony Brook


Hebert came up huge several times to help Canada advance to the title game. He has a special talent for positioning his body and he can throw DIMES. Against Team USA Hebert held his own while recording 11 saves against some of the top attackmen in the world. He was named U-19 Best Goalie and FIL All-Tournament Team. Good luck to anyone who tries to sneak one past Hebert while he’s a Seawolf.

Jeff Teat, Canada

High School: The Hill Academy, Ont.

Committed to: Cornell


After the year Jeff Teat has had I would expect him to be on the front of a Wheaties box soon. After scoring 28 points (15 goals, 13 assists) you would’ve thought Teat was worthy of some kind of accolade, but he was still the go to guy for Canada. Every play, even the small ones, started with Teat. He’ll look to redeem himself in a couple months at Cornell.



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