Standouts from the 2016 Sound Lacrosse Summer Classic


Top players seen by Nicole Lyons of ConnectLAX at Sound Lacrosse Summer Classic on July 16th.

I hopped on the train at 8:02 am this Saturday headed to Fairfield University, alma mater of our resident Stag Nick Lattimore, to check out the 2016 Sound Lacrosse Summer Classic.  It was a beautiful day for lacrosse, and per usual plenty of college coaches lined the fields, jotting down notes and sweating through the 90-degree weather.

Needless to say, the athletes did not disappoint.  With the sun beating down on their backs, the players truly gave it their all, sprinting from endline to endline, battling for every ground ball, and dodging and juking around each check.  However, despite the cutthroat competition, some guys shone bright amongst the others.  One coach called the tournament a “great place to find hidden gems.”  And here they are!

Without further ado, here are the standouts from Saturday’s games.


Class of 2017:

Trevor Arganese, A, Trumbull Eagles 2017, Trumbull High School

Trevor definitely does his job as an attackman.  He moves well with the flow of the offense and carries the ball with confidence.  Defensemen definitely do not want to turn their backs on this guy.


Tyler Green, M/FO, Emass 2017, Thayer Academy

Not only is he a face-off ace, Tyler is a prolific feeder, shooter, and ground ball monster.  Tyler is committed to St. Joseph’s.  Check him out below.



Class of 2018:

John Ruggiero, M, WWP Varsity, Daniel Hand High School

A commanding presence on the offense, John moves well and carries the ball with confidence.  He’s not afraid to take charge and gets the job done.

Noah Froio, M, Emass 2018, Cohasset High School

Noah is a college coach’s dream middie.  He’s a workhorse and goes after every 50/50 ground ball, not to mention winning all of them.

Ryan Kenney, A, Emass 2018, Landmark High School

A lefty, Ryan is a powerhouse attackman that drives hard down the alley and scores often, an absolute nightmare for defensemen.

Patrick O’Driscoll, G, Emass 2018, BC High School

As a goalie, your main job is to save the ball.  O’Driscoll does it well.  In fact, he didn’t give up a single goal against one of the more elite teams in the tournament.



Honorable Mentions:

Jake Liebowitz ’17, A, Trumbull Eagles 2017, Trumbull High School

Kyle Atherton ’20, D, Trumbull Eagles 2017, Trumbull High School


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