Niagara Recruiting Showcase Standouts


It’s not very often that the word “beautiful” gets thrown around when someone talks about an event in Buffalo, but man the Niagara Showcase was blessed by the lacrosse gods! The weather was great, the talent was TREMENDOUS, and the parents and coaches had a little fun tailgating in between games.

Teams from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Canada made the trip, and even a team from the state of Maryland came. It was a day filled with highlights and impressive play, but a few names were mentioned throughout the day by several college coaches.

Class of 2019 Standouts: 

Keelan Mckouen, M, Clarkston HS

With a name like Keelan Mckouen you’ve gotta be smooth, and let me tell you this kid has a number flawless dodges in his arsenal. He also has an accurate lefty on the run shot, and A LOT of potential. Overall, a must watch hailing from Michigan.

Class of 2018 Standouts:

Thomas Cecere, A, Grand Island Senior 

I would compare this guy to the lacrosse version of Aaron Rodgers. He’s got a strong right hand with amazing vision, and he has a knack for getting his teammates involved. Overall, a great ball handler and even better teammate.

Christian Rodriguez, D, West Seneca East

As our only defensemen on the list, Rodriquez is a play maker. College coaches say he is a tall, rangy defender who can throw devastating checks from all over the field. After stripping his attackmen he also gets the ball moving in transition. Overall, everything this guy does is purposeful and efficient.

Class of 2017 Standouts:

Patrick Sullivan, A, Orchard Park

Patrick Sullivan is a big kid who plays just down the road at a very good high school program. He knows how to play in tight spaces and he knows how to use his body. Even when under pressure he can still finish. Overall, he’s a an offensive bully around the crease.


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