5 Reasons Why Lacrosse is the Fastest Growing Sport in America


“It’s a virus in a good way. Once you pick up a stick, you’re with it for life.” – David Gross, Commissioner of Major League Lacrosse


Lacrosse is at the top of the list of fastest growing sports in America, but why? As one of the oldest sports in the country, why now has it started to expand so rapidly?


5 Reasons Why Lacrosse is the Fastest Growing Sport in America:


1. Four-Year Colleges are Starting to Catch On

Over 70 four-year colleges started varsity lacrosse teams within the last 2 years, and 50 more are slated to start by the 2019 season.


2. The Feeder System is Growing

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Lacrosse has been the fastest growing sport at the High School level for over a decade, but the fast five years have been huge. No other High School sport topped the 10% mark for growth in the past five years.


3. Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

“It’s fun to practice, just have a catch, to throw against a wall by yourself. Any body size can play. You don’t have to be 7-feet tall to play the game, we’ll find a place for you on the field. It’s perfect.” – David Gross, Commissioner of MLL


4. Moving West

While traditionally the sport has been popular in the northeast, the rest of the country is seeing large spikes in growth. Denver was the first Men’s Division I Lacrosse team not within the Eastern timezone, and since then many other schools in the midwest and west coast have installed varsity programs.


5. Growing Professionally 

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Although the professional level is growing much less rapidly than the lower levels of lacrosse, the MLL has plans to expand to 16 teams within the next 10 years.


Source: http://www.boston.com/sponsored/2016/04/12/lax-attack-lacrosse-continues-explode-across-sports-landscape/QEN7fY443eumKIbUfp2FpO/story.html

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Growing up in western New York exposed Macey to the sport of lacrosse at an early age. Lacrosse was considered one of the biggest sport in her high school; outranking football. Although she personally has not played lacrosse nearly all of her close friends played competitively both on varsity and on travel teams, with many going on to play in college on scholarships. Having been surrounded by those passionate about the sport and having attended many games herself as a spectator have provided Macey with the opportunity to learn a lot about the game and the culture that it fosters. After moving away from the Upstate New York region to attend college in the south where lacrosse is not nearly as popular, gave her an even better appreciation for the individuality of the sport. Lacrosse will always be a sport that connects Macey to home.


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