Life After Lacrosse


Wade Hoag was thrilled to get the opportunity to play the sport he loved at Hope college. Then the unthinkable happened one summer. Hoag was working on construction and was raised into the air on a metal platform by a forklift. The platform gave way and lead to Hoag plummeting 20 feet with the platform following him on his way down. As Hoag hit the ground the platform had his back pinched between the concrete. Hoag lived through the accident but it came with a price and that was stripping him of joy. Hoag was paralyzed from the waist down and was realizing that his lacrosse career was now over. Hoag missed most of his first semester due to being in the hospital and was constantly hoping to attend Hope college. Although Hoag’s nurse told him in no way was he capable of attending Hope college Hoag proved them wrong and attended Hope college and later became a member of the lacrosse team. Although Hoag couldn’t play lacrosse he still contributed by helping encouraging teammates and helping out with coach. Coach Schanhals said that Hoag is insightful and brings so much to the table in his ability to rally the team. Hoag realized there comes a point in every athletes life when the sport they loved wont be there for them. That’s when you have to know whats next in life and pursue it to the fullest and embrace it. Coach Schanhals would later give him the title of “The Czar of toughness and fun.” Not being able to play lacrosse was demoralizing for Hoag but he soon realized that there is more to life and to not dwell on what should have been or could have been. Instead Hoag has become an inspiration to many and has overcome many obstacles in his life and is a huge inspiration to all.


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