The Legacy Behind the 376th Win


Coach Krzyzewski might be the first coach you think of when you think of Duke, but John Danowski is just as important or more. Before Coach Danowski came to Duke they were in turmoil due to three players being falsely accused of rape charges. As soon as Danowski took over he made sure that turmoil was put in the past and he quickly moved on. Danowski dominate start began at LIU-C.W Post where he was an assistant head coach. During his time as an assistant head coach it was a bit of a struggle financially, making only $4,000 and requiring his wife and him to live off meal passes for the semester. He would later go on to become the head coach at LIU Post and would have a record of 27-16. He would then become the head coach of Hofstra and would completely change the atmosphere, turning them into a powerhouse by piling up 192 wins. Danowski’s accomplishments didn’t go unnoticed at Hofstra, winning the F. Morris Touchstone Award for the Division 1 Coach of the Year. Along his journey Danowski always had the best interest for his players and didn’t just want them to achieve on the field but also off the field. Since his time at Duke, Danowski has recorded 157 wins and led Duke to eight straight Final Fours where they would win three National Championships. Duke also has the most Division 1 wins since Danowski became the head coach in 2006, which will continue to grow. On Monday Danowski became the coach with the most wins in division 1 men’s lacrosse with 376. Duke is currently 6-2 and look to continue their dominance and possibly make another run towards the Final Four. Danowski’s legacy will only continue to grow based on not only just wins but how he leaves an impact on young men through lacrosse.


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