Two Sport Athlete


If you ask any college athlete they will tell you playing a sport in college is equivalent to having a full time job. Playing one sport is hard enough let alone trying to multitask two sports. Kenzie Kent is one of the very few superior athletes that is capable of managing two sports in college. Kenzie plays hockey and lacrosse for Boston College and she contributes incredibly at both.  Kenzie helped Boston College’s hockey team make it to the national semifinal but would lose to Wisconsin 1-0. After that devastating lose she carries that pain and motivation onto the turf filed as she begins her lacrosse season. What Kenzie is accomplishing ispurely amazing considering the fact that she plays two sports that happen back to back. Hockey can be very demanding of someones body and then to jump right into lacrosse, well that shows passion for how much she truly loves these sports. Hockey runs from September through March and lacrosse runs from March to May, so the amount of wear and tear that Kenzie places on her body is astonishing. She always stays in prolific shape and manages to perform at her best on every play. When Kenzie is asked why play two sports her response is that she just loves being around her teammates and she loves being in season.

While balancing two sports she can’t forget about her academics. Kenzie gives all the credit to her coaches for helping her manage the little time she has wisely.  Kenzie dedicates some of her lacrosse success to hockey because of her incredible wrist strength. Wrist strength can be a huge attribute in lacrosse by performing numerous of moves whether that be shooting or passing. Not only is Kenzie a great player but her teammates love her. You can catch all her lacrosse teammates at every ice hockey home game. This says a lot about the kind of personality and leadership that Kenzie carry’s with her. No matter what career path Kenzie decides to take there is no doubt that she will be very successful due to her passion, motivation, and her great leadership skills that she brings to athletics and academics.


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